What’s an effort really? An attempt, no? Make enough of an attempt, combined with the right force and you’ve achieved whatever it is that you were giving an effort to begin with..

I’m a firm and stern believer in “if you want something bad enough, you’ll get it by any means”. So if you can’t build up enough effort to push it through from desire to reality.. How bad did you want it initially?

I battle a lot within myself on many things, effort being one of them.. I know how much effort is requi(red) of me in almost every aspect of my life where effort is called for… But do I always feel like putting forth the requi(red) effort? No. Does that mean I don’t want it if I’m not willing to put the effort in, I guess in that moment where I don’t feel like it, I don’t. I may want many things, but I don’t always want them all the time…

Some things call for more effort than others and other things require as much effort as I feel is being given towards me (regarding people). I’m more patient with putting effort towards my goals|visions than I have the patience with putting effort into people.

The thing with people and effort is the way it’s perceived, varies with person. So your effort and their effort is seen and felt differently.

We often forget that who we’ve met, was someone else before, they evolved into who we met.. They’re on their own self progression through life, so the effort they put forth may not be as appreciated as it would be had you known this person before they’ve reached who they are now… Now with that in mind, you may become more lenient, but that’s no crutch either. Just because who you were fails in comparison to who you are now doesn’t mean the effort isn’t still requi(red)..

The thing about effort and why everyone wants it to the point of consistency, is what effort represents.
Effort represents want. And everyone wants to feel wanted, every goal has to be wanted to become a reality.

A lack of effort, signals a lack of want, a lack of desire.

Perfect example? me in the workplace, I work to do my job but I often get questioned about my efforts, granted I can see why.. I just put forth enough effort til it’s time for me to go home.. It’s not so much that I don’t want to be there, but rather there’s other things I would rather be doing but I’m restricted at the moment.. I think about all the effort I put in my life and towards what and who…. And I’m playing with the balance, adjusting it where it’s needed.

Once you figure out the balance of effort you need in all aspects, a lot more energy is conserved and progress can speed up.

It’s all about the progress..


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