I think it’s funny the way I remember things, shit even how others remember things.. Sometimes you forget, a subtle or obvious reminder can trigger your memory and pull up what you momentarily forgot…

See I’m aware I’m forgetful.. I know I have it all sto(red), some things just have to be trigge(red) and other things don’t based on the level of relevance in my every day life… So I love reminders from life that trigger the things I need to be reminded of even though the relevance in my everyday life at its present state doesn’t call for it. Cool.

Some reminders make me a little nervous.. Some reminders remind me of things I wasn’t aware I knew of.

Your mind absorbs everything your body comes into contact with, [touch, sight, sound, taste] those forms of contact create feelings based on the form of contact mixed with your personality… But we’re not always aware of everything/one we come across, the things we hear, the places we go, the things we see.. Our mind is usually on autopilot, so until we’re reminded, ironically, later on.. do we truly realize the impact of something or someone we completely overlooked.

Life is funny like that. The mind works in ways still mysterious to us, which is mind boggling, to me.
But I digress.

I’m fulfilling my purpose in life, that’s what I’m doing now, living. Moving, working how I see fit and making it my business to collect my reminders.. Those are my receipts, in a sense.

I don’t like to speak too directly or get too specific, I like to get my point across as general as possible.. The more specific you get in some cases, the more subjected you are to missing the point because you’re too focused on the detail, rather than the picture. Now details are important, but the big picture has to be seen and understood to even begin to process the significant role of the detail.

Comprehension is key.

Reminders will remind you of this…

You can focus on your details in your life tailoring it where you see fit, but you have to always keep the bigger picture in mind.. You have to constantly remind yourself of what the bigger picture looks like.. The bigger picture is what you’re striving for, the details are shaping it. How you shape it will create either the picture you wanted or one that catches you off guard like a mystery flavo(red) airhead. Either way, you created it.. If your picture in the end isn’t how you envisioned it, you were too caught up in the details and forgot what the picture was supposed to look like.

A great way to avoid this, like many things in life can be.. Is to be aware, and understand why the picture you visualize for yourself is in fact that picture you see..

See a lot of people want things because others have it, or it looks good, or sounds good. There’s no real fuel for this other than influence.. And that’s not enough. The fire has to come from within. If it’s not there, find a way to spark it or move on to something else.

Longevity will never come to those who are not fueled by passion for whatever it is they are after.

Know this.

Look around you at the constant reminders life places in front of you… You’ll see it now if you didn’t before.

It doesn’t cost you a thing to dig deep and find that picture you want to paint into reality… Feel free to focus on all the details, but never lose sight of the bigger picture.

And in the words of H-to the-izzo, V-to the-izzay, gotta remind yourself.. Nobody built like you, you designed yourself.


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