I really love metaphors, it’s a great asset to the direct dealing with the indirect, it’s a way of understanding.. the comparison is indeed so accurate you can flip it and it’s still the same meaning.

I love life. I love how no matter how I feel about anything I encounter, I know life is showing me something every step of the way.

Let’s look at life like a board game, that takes up an entire table, everybody has a seat. Table and people sitting at it vary. But let’s talk about you. Your seat, your view, your role, your turn.

Some may not like their seat or turn or even the piece they started with. But how they end means everything. The game of life is long.. You can become impatient and restless. But the game doesn’t stop.

At the table you may want a different view but keep in mind the tables turn slowly, most times we don’t even notice the shifting of the table because we’re so focused on the game. Granted.

Think about sitting at a table. You can see all the angles of the table, your view is just different depending on where you’re sitting. Some think seating is more important than the game itself, and it might be… Depending on why you feel it’s more important.

You should be comfortable in your seat, you should make yourself cozy in your seat, you’re more than likely going to be sitting there the entire game.. You can switch seats, but you can miss your turn like that.. Or your new view seems a little fuzzy, out of focus.. You’ve adjusted your sight to view the table from your seat, another seat alters the way you’re viewing the table.. The way you play the game.

See life is a game. And we’re all at the table. We can lay it all out on the table or shield our cards in a sense… It depends on what’s going on, what you want to do. How you’re gonna move dictates how you progress through this distinctive game of life.

Learn the game.. Learn the table. Most importantly, know your seat. Your role, your awareness of your surroundings and you overall is key in the game. The table just the setting, the seat is just your view. The game is what matters.. Sit at the right table, work with your seat to get it to the comfort level you need to fully focus on your game, so you don’t miss your turn.

Missing your turn is a set back… You have to wait until it comes back around to make your next move, so let’s say you missed your turn because you weren’t paying attention… Now you look up, feeling like you got skipped when in reality you forfeited your turn, time waits for no man and neither does life.. Life happens whether you’re on point or not… So you miss your turn and now what? You gotta wait… You gotta wait til that circle makes it’s way around your table back to you… How you choose to wait will determine how well you will do when it’s turn again. Be wise.

People at the table.
No one who arrives at the table empty handed can sit at the table. The table is a team… It’s a connecting circle of life.. We all get a turn, we all get to play.. We all get to witness. We can help each other at the table but we can’t take turns for each other. Life is very specific with that. You are who you surround yourself with, sit with ambitious driven winners and prosper or succumb to the misery of the losers circle.. The choice is yours.

There’s so many levels to this table metaphor, but I’ve gone deep enough for your mind to take a dive in… Enlighten yourself. Be aware of the game, the minute you think you’re not playing.. The game played you.

Get with it or stay lost.


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