I’m stingy, I’m selfish… What’s mine is mine and that’s just how I am. I don’t like to share. But I don’t mind sharing knowledge.

In fact, I loveeeee sharing knowledge. I accumulate knowledge at a fast pace, I love to read and absorb everything I find useful and I can’t help my impulsive nature to pass it on.

I love helping people progress. I swear if it’s anything I’m good for, it’s enlightening people.. I have a gift for shedding light on dark situations, I come from darkness (princess of darkness was my childhood nickname). I know wayyyy more than I let on, I understand so well because of this… And I know how to help. So it’s only right that I do so… Now my ultimate career goal is to be a therapist.. Among other things, but my passion to help others progress on the road to their own self fulfilled success is fueled by the many lost souls I encounter roaming earth. I’m not fully found myself, but I take pride in learning myself everyday and my progression.. I pride myself in understanding, rarely judging and even in the occasions when I do feel judgment, I question myself as to why I feel I have a right to judge as opposed to understanding. I understand my views, my morals.. And I’ve gotten pretty damn good at separating my personal views, and the logic of knowledge to understand.

Understanding is key to life.

Understanding is the main key in helping. See I’m not good at accepting help, I understand why and I’m working on it.. But my advanced level of understanding makes it so easy to help others.. I enable others to understand things about themselves, others and life without being too pushy.. Too assertive or coming off as a know it all.

I like to pass on anything I feel is relevant to you, if I feel you can benefit from a piece of knowledge I’ve acqui(red) I’m passing it on.. You do what you please with what I hand to you, I’ve done my part… I don’t like to pry or press people about their life choices and circumstances, that’s not helping. That’s being a judgmental nosy body.

The thing about help is, it’s selfless.. It’s not about you, the most is the joy you get from helping others.. That’s about as close to it being about you as it gets. To help someone is to better them, help them see things they are too blind to see because emotions or circumstances may be blinding..

Helping is NOT telling someone what to do, or how to live.. It’s not belittling their state of mind or emotions… Humans are sensitive, we must be treated with care, treating others the way we would love to be treated and ca(red) for.

In all reality, in helping others, we help ourselves..

We all have an obligation, as people.. To help one another, to progress.. For the betterment of our society.. We don’t have to compete, which is a common misconception.. All we have to do is create, we all have a lane, we all have a role… Which interlocks some how some way… A little help goes a long way, you never know how your presence or your words, actions especially can impact someone’s life for the better.. Take notice of how others impact yours, helping you grow and better yourself as well… It’s a circle. Continue the cycle of growth by sharing knowledge, that’s the best help any one of us can give and get.

Shit real.


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