Hello there.

First post, so many things to briefly touch I don’t know where to start..

I would go through introductions but saintandthesinner.blogspot.com is still up and running. That blog will clarify some things about myself that I don’t feel like repeating here. This is a new blog. And in honor of several new things that has been developing in my life, I thought, fuck it.. Today I feel like posting. It’s Sunday (favorite day of the week) my Bulls are winning against the knickerbockers (lmfaoo), I’m high drinking green tea out my superwoman mug.. I’m pretty relaxed. Minus the fact my sinuses are acting up, but I prefer to focus on the good.

Speaking of good, March.. Be good to me, you see me working.. Work with the kid. Spring is approaching and my training is only intensified. I’ve gotten more reclusive, as if I couldn’t be anymore of a loner.. But it’s for all the right reasons.. I’m in cocoon mode, by the summer time I’ll be my social butterfly self.. But for now, I have to set up shop in a sense.

Everyday I’m more reminded of where I am, where I’m going, where I want to be, where I don’t, who I’m not, more of who I am shines, that light sheds so much clarity on many things.

Three months already in, shit is real.. 1st quarter almost up. I’m making shit happen so that’s fun but, I have yet to shake this feeling of playing catch up. I’m happy, I am extremely focused and I couldn’t more excited about my progress with myself and my craft.. But I feel behind, of who I feel I am and my circumstances aren’t matching up quite like I want them to, yet. And I know it takes time.. Patience is rolling in abundance all of a sudden. And then I thought about it…

I’m supposed to feel behind, my vision of me should always be ahead of what I am at the moment, because growth… Me feeling like I can’t get any better or do any better won’t make me any better… It’s amazing the things you expect for yourself and what others expect of you.. But expectations have to be met with action… That’s why we have them, we want to see it come to fruition. The desire of better, the vision of better drives one to achieve better.

I am focusing on my focuses, I know I should just have one.. But the way my mind is set up, everything interlocks anyway. I have gotten better at ignoring distractions in every form possible. From the obvious to the subtle, I’m Stevie wonder to the bullshit.

Nothing but positivity and prosperity around me, I’m not with anything, anyone negative. I am on a mission, and the negative is only going to hold me back.

Spring is on its way, as soon as you see the flower sprout from the concrete, you’ll know.

Shit real.