People don’t change, they evolve.

We are who we’ve always been, who we are at our core will never change. But we can evolve, if we choose.. Kinda like Pokemons and humans according to Darwinism. People tend to shun evolution by labeling it as change and referring to it in a negative context.. But why? Why is this natural process of evolution within people viewed as such a bad thing? If we were meant to stay the same, we would all be newborns… We grow into children, teenagers, adults, elderly for a reason… It’s an evolution of our life on earth… We grow to allow us to better explore and coexist with earth. Why wouldn’t our personalities, our minds reflect this?

I won’t use the word change, rather evolve.. It’s more fitting and a better word to help others with narrower minds comprehend the nature of humans. To change ourselves would mean to re wire ourselves internally and that’s damn near impossible due to the effects of both, nature and nurture. To reverse the inner workings of our being will take a life time. But progressing forward and bettering yourself as an individual isn’t changing, it’s truly evolution. You’re blossoming from who you were into who you are, and who you are will become who you’re meant to be.. And that process doesn’t stop until we’re 6ft under or our ashes scatte(red) across the ocean.

People have this misconception that we should stay the same, staying the same is being true to who we are… But it’s not. Staying the same is hindering, to not allow yourself to grow is to allow yourself to become stagnant and stagnant isn’t good at all. You don’t learn anything new, you don’t experience beautiful and terrible things that push you through your evolutionary phases of life..

Look at nature, the evolution of plants and animals… They grow and adapt to their surroundings and what they grow to be. Humans are no different. The only difference is how our minds work, so if our bodies evolve, our minds must follow suit no?

Imagine a full grown lion behaving like a cub? What would happen to the lion? He would die.. He is not well equipped to lead a pack, he will fall victim to a predator and won’t even see it coming.

Humans tend to forget we’re animals too. Survival of the fittest is indeed still very relevant. Of course circumstances are different, but let’s not be naive.. We’re all in a race for survival. The jungle we live in is more mental than anything so we must evolve accordingly.

Everyone evolves at their own pace, and as humans we have the power to encourage this evolution within ourselves and others, so why do some reject this way of living? Why wouldn’t we want each other to progress? I’ll tell you a few reasons, many are sca(red) of the unknown, many are sca(red) of being left behind while others progress, just plain fear of what they can become… The fear is what holds many back from evolving. Fear tells them where they are, who they are at the moment is enough, despite that inner core telling them there’s more to them, there’s more to life… Those type of people tend to stay put and want others to do the same, so they throw shade and try to inflict shame on those who refuse to fight the urge of personal evolution. Don’t fall victim to these type of people. You’ll only hurt yourself, your progress by allowing these negatives to have a say in your progression.

Understand this: we’re meant to progress, evolve and live… Truly liveeee. For ourselves. Not for our parents, siblings, lovers.. No one but ourselves. That may sound selfish but in living for ourselves and evolving, we are better to those around ourselves, we’re happier people. Progression is positive. Negativity is moving backwards and staying the same. Times are evolving, you don’t want to get left behind… The only one in control of whether you remain the same or evolve into a better you is, you. Only you.

Our time is too limited to not explore all that we can be, all that we can see, hear, feel on this green earth. Evolution is one of life’s most special gift to us.. Get to unwrapping and make shit happen and embrace all you discover within you.



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