Shit real.

Things are getting better, my vibes too. I’ve been working harder and the results are brewing to the point where the pot is starting to steam.. Which is always good. It’s almost time.

I’ve taken on a task recently. I quit my last job and started a new one. Won’t say where, although the travel is quite long, the benefits of it outweigh it. The pay is pretty decent but the main reason I took on this job was the opportunity. The many opportunities I saw when I took on this job. I am forced to discipline myself even further, pushing myself to limits I always avoided. But for the growth of my progression, it’s ideal.

No one is going to push me as hard as I push myself. And I’ve been setting up exercises, mental and physical to build my endurance, my stamina. My training has been intensified and I feel good, a bit ti(red) .. But that won’t slow me down. Spring is here, the flowers are going to blossom any day now, the weather breaking. I’m right behind it.

My focus is building. Working to ensure my foundation is truly solid. In order to guarantee this, I must be well rounded. Now I’m pretty sharp and well all around.. I can always expand that though. Although who I am present day is certainly good enough, I aim to be better. The fear of being stagnant fuels this desire to out do myself in every aspect. I don’t think of much else. Everything I think of correlates to the bigger picture.

Speaking of the bigger picture, I’ve started to share it with a select few. A few that are in my opinion above me, in a few aspects, but mainly experience. I crave knowledge as much as I crave success in anything I choose to indulge in and to surround myself around those that can add to both simultaneously, is ideal for me. I need that dual stimulation, maybe my gemini ways are the reason. But whatever it is, I need that.

I’ve sorted out my needs and wants, and my needs are my wants… What I want is what I need. I know what I can do without, so those replaceable factors aren’t wants to me, cravings, yes perhaps. But my needs are what I want. I want my needs because what I need is going to bring me everything I truly want ..

Self discipline is key.
You may have had discipline from an authoritative figure but understand that no matter how much discipline you feel you’ve gained from someone else, you have to be in control of you. You have to discipline yourself. If not, you’ll spend your whole life waiting for someone to steer you in the right direction, to whip you into shape so you can follow that direction in a well prepa(red) manner .. But you can use the forms of discipline you’ve learned to push yourself further, people tend to slack and become lazy when someone isn’t on their back. Be on your own back. You know what you need to do, you don’t need someone telling you or pushing you, you are grown (most of us anyway). You have to be on point for yourself, first and foremost.. Shit is real. Don’t sleep on all that you can accomplish and get done if you were just a little bit more strict with yourself, your actions, your thoughts.

You become what you think about.


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