Time and time again.

Lord knows, life is insightful.

Every passing second reveals something new or a deeper understanding of what I already know..

I love time. I’ve finally grasped what time’s purpose is in everyday life. And that itself took time.

See, I hate to wait… Really do. But what am I waiting for? The right time? My appointed time? For what, that’s a form of procrastination on its own, and trust, I know procrastination.
Time is now.
How we utilize our time creates or decreases time for us, so with that in mind.. We are the creators of time. Especially with our time. It’s like that hour glass, you can stare at it until the last grain leaves the top or you can go to work and flip that hourglass over when you need more time.

All I ask for is time.

I know it’s very valuable, but I’m not one to waste it. I just work to create more of it.

I value time to the point where I won’t allow myself to entertain anything that isn’t progressing time, if you got time to waste, that’s fine.. But I don’t. Any extra time is added to create more time.

Our time is limited, like our existence.

But what we do with our time will be evident long after our existence..

Shit real.


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