June where the flowers bloom… 6 months into 2014, so soon…

Summer right around the corner..

My birthday is this month. Yay! 23 on the 10. ^_^ and in light of this Gemini season, I’m going to share the gift of gems this month. Gems that you can take with you and add polish to your shine, because, why not?

It’s June, half of 2014 behind us… Let that sink in.

Shit is real. The heat turning up, get ready to sweat.

I think about what lies ahead and the path that I’m on, all these reminders and daily motivational experiences are really the fuel to my fire… But it’s getting hot, I want to be hotter than the heat.. I don’t want to melt. It’s weird but I really believe I got the right formula for this season. I’m zoned in, and things are clicking in ways that reassure me I’m right where I need to be but that’s not enough for me..

I’m about to be 23, to many, that’s very young. To me, I’m getting old.. I continue to grow and learn myself and what I want and don’t want out of life and the humans who walk this world.. The hardest part is figuring it out, once that’s cove(red) a plan is formed and it’s time to execute, sounds simple enough. Of course, but with plans and time.. You gotta have patience.. That’s the second hardest part. Waiting. Waiting for things to unfold in the way you not only need, but want to, waiting for the vision to surely be the reality before you.. Waiting for the results to show while you put in more work.

But I’ve been waiting my whole life to feel about something the way I feel about this, and as I reflect on my life, where’s it’s been, where it’s going, where it’s headed, and time, there’s no sign of stopping until every desire is realized, and I have so many, I gotta get them out the way soon for the sake of my sanity.. but I practice patience, do my work, keep my head down and just wait on it… Build on it…

Patience pays off…

It’s the first of the month,

ReSet your goals.. Turn it up like Mother Nature about to do for us…

Add to the heat, keep the fire alive.


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