Positive thoughts. GEM.

It’s very easy to drown in the shallow depths of negativity, but positivity is the flotation device that keeps you afloat, positivity is what keeps you pushing, kicking, swimming towards the yacht of your dream life and further away from the life boat you crashed…

Two years ago around this time, I hit what I felt was rock bottom and as I gathe(red) up every ounce of positivity left in me as I was being mobbed by negative thoughts, I started writing, I needed to remind myself, feel what and who I am. Positive thoughts was born.

whenever I get the vibe that someone is going through it, I don’t ask questions I would just send my prayer (started as a note, became my mantra.) and I’ve been told it helps, a lot. In fact, a close friend of mine felt it soo much he decided to put it in his mixtape, which was an honor for me to do. To read those words, to hear those words.. Still hits me as hard as it does when I first read it with my salty eye vision.

Only right I share this gem with you, during gem month. Feel free to share with anyone who you know could use a pick me up, or those that just need the fuel to keep going.

Shit real.


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