So many Gem(s) iN I, no wonder my birthday in June.. 🙂

I use any excuse to reflect..
I suppose I have a slight obsession with retrospect.

It’s like the story, unfolds backwards and it only makes sense when you look back ..
Only way to truly move forward sometimes..
It’s different.

Today is my birthday. I’m officially 23 years of age, physically I suppose.. I haven’t figu(red) out how to calculate my mental age yet, but I’d just say maybe, grandma range.. You’d never know it, but I would put you on to something real.. Just like grandma. Old soul I suppose… It’s funny because it’s the only logical explanation… I’m physically hitting the peak of my prime… Where all of nature’s resources are aligning themselves to allow me to prosper in such a way that I can see the entire path now.. Yet I feel so old. I know I have so much to experience and feel, I’m anxious in more of a positive note than anything.. And as I encounter life’s gifts in all its various forms.. I like that I feel old, the irony is I have the time that the old wish they had.. I have to constantly remind myself I’m younggg.

I’m really fucking young. 23 years young.

… and I’m amazing. Flaws and all. I’m really an amazing individual inside and out, and as I continue to progress and enlighten myself as well as all those whom I encounter, I’ll only get better. I have many, many goals but I want to always inspire myself, first and foremost.. I want to always step outside myself and my ego, take a good look and say, that’s an iLL bitch right there, one hell of a woman.. And I’m definitely on the right path with that.

I’m one year older, one step closer…

And I have a few birthday resolutions, take 23 by storm, for starters.

This is the age where I get my wings, where I get my ring as I hit the buzz beater in the final game for it all…

I just gotta watch the clock..

Timing is everything.

Sooner than later, you’ll see what time I’m on.

Happy birthday to me. 🙂



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