We make decisions everyday, small decisions, big decisions.. A decision nonetheless. Are you hungry? What will you eat? Will you attend this event? Will you go take care of business? Will you call your mother back? will you take this new job? Will you quit your old one? Will you have kids? Get married? Try salmon steak? All these are options that require a decision.

The emotional factor of decision making, I’ve realized lies into two key emotions in decision making: conviction or contemplation.

Conviction you’re absolutely sure, have all the info you need to be sure and making that decision is merely second instinct, no thought to it..

Contemplation you’re unsure of what the fuck is going on, you’re hesitant, you need more info, more certainty of what will lead to your deciding.

You know what you want, you decide with conviction… You don’t know what you want, you contemplate until your decision becomes clear.

Now one emotion is no better than the other, that can only be decided depending upon circumstance.. At times to contemplate is beneficial, betters understanding and details for a better decision. Just as conviction is beneficial when time is a factor and it comes down to trusting your instinct and getting shit done quickly and efficiently. It will vary, you must be able to know which emotion to channel and which to ignore, again, varying upon situation.

Decisions are important because we are responsible for our actions, being responsible also means not only being held accountable but also to be on point.. To be precise with decision making, because these decisions structure your life.. These are ultimately your choices.

You never have just one choice, you may just be presented one.. I love this warren buffet quote; I don’t look to jump over 7ft bars, I look around for 1ft bars I can step over. And while some may write this off as a lazy view point. I think it’s genius. I mean let’s be real, first, you gotta figure out how you’re going to get over, than you’re gonna attempt to get over, probably fail a few times before you finally do.. And when you do, you’ll be too exhausted to continue on to the other side… You’ll take a break of some sort trying to catch your breath and much of your time and energy is wasted. How efficient was that strategy really? Sure it’s an ego boost that you got over but ego boost is like helium.. It will deflate over time. Now think about if you just walked around, explo(red) new territory and discove(red) a quicker way to get over… It’s easier, less energy and time consuming. All it took was a walk around the block…

And the moral of that quote, to me, is that you can deal with what is presented to you or you can find alternatives to getting around it.

There’s always a way around everything, not necessarily a shortcut, it takes a sharp mind to foresee ways around things, and that alone takes work.. But we have options, options we don’t see… And our decision making skills are very vital to our progression as individual and as a society. We’re taught that working harder is the smart decision when in reality, working smarter is. Learning how to properly make decisions that overall benefit your life, your goals and the task at hand.. All while saving time and producing efficient results.

There’s a great power in decision making, don’t grant others that power when you are fully capable of prospering off that power without someone else making that decision for you.

I’ve noticed many don’t like taking responsibility for their actions, some don’t want to decide.. They want to place that responsibility on someone else, usually these types aren’t into self accountability. These are usually people who complain about how every one else and everything in their way is the reason they’re not prospering…. Yet they seem to ignore that if they push further just a little bit. The culprit is really them.

Nobody but you is responsible for who you are, how you live, how you choose to view things. You can try and pass that on to anybody in the world… It’s still your decision. And for every decision made, we must accept the consequence for that.

I make it my business to educate myself on my growth and also how I can make better decisions, efficiently. I feel everyone should, the world will certainly become a better place cause of it.

Make the decision to be better at making decisions to structure your life to your ideal… Make that choice with the conviction that this is right from within, and contemplation will be at a minimum.

Shit real.


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