Get it done.

Think of what you’re supposed to be doing, think of what you could be doing, what you want to be doing….. Why aren’t you doing it?

Why aren’t you setting up the plans to land you where you want/need to be?

Go get it.
Act. Make moves. Walk if you can’t run.

Little steps turn into big leaps..

I’ve been thinking, while I do everything else… I need to devote every waking moment to what it is I want to do in life, honestly, I’m not doing that .. I have a job that although it benefits me in several ways and ultimately is the funding support of my goal, it’s too time consuming and not directly allowing me to express and progress my craft.

I have to buy time.. I do the most with what I have now without breaking my back, but that’s not enough for me.

If it were up to me, I’d spend every waking moment working on my craft. I mean I try to do that now, but I mean undivided attention, no distractions, no interruptions type of focus is what I’m referring to. I’d lock myself in a room and only come out to put my work out and show face. But I can’t do that now, because I’m broke.

I won’t feel comfortable until I don’t have to worry about funds to a large extent, but then I think… Maybe I’m not supposed to be comfortable, maybe I’m just suppose to drop everything and dive in the ocean of my dreams and swim alll the way through to fruition island.

Idk, I just make moves while I think.
Everything will click when it needs to.

But just keep in mind,
Patience, persistence, practice and preservation are the key to your version of perfection.

It’s achievable. Anything is possible, you hear me? ANYTHING.

Time is what we create, yet if left unattended, it flashes before our eyes.

Remind yourself, to remind yourself, of all you know.



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