I’ve been working hard on eliminating the word try from my vocabulary I’m becoming more and more mindful of what I speak.. To try means to make an attempt. Yes we can try, we can give a bit of effort and say we tried. Fuck it right? We tried is enough to settle the curiosity of pursuing something or someone new.. Or so we think. 

Yet trying at minimal effort isn’t really attempting at all, to me.. idk what you want to call it. I think everyone should try new things and people every now and then, but try with everything you have.. Only then does it become an action. You didn’t try, you did. You went through it with your full effort, that’s the difference between trying and doing. 

I think of all the times I “tried” to do things, and most times I was bullshitting. Either I wasn’t fully confident in what I was “trying”, I didn’t really want to do it or I wasn’t giving it my all. 

You have to be completely honest with yourself. 

Even now, as honest as I am with myself I still bullshit here and there. I have to check myself and remind myself of why it’s important to not try and to just do. To fully go into everything and everyone giving it your all. 

I’m not sca(red) of pain anymore (that was a factor at one point). It’s inevitable, and a sign you’re pushing through, life is up and down. Not doing new things or further expanding what you already do will make you stagnant. You can’t be stagnant in a world that spins, you’ll become lost and stuck. 

I put extra emphasis on some things more often than others but that’s just the severity of it, to me. I don’t feel the real important matters are often discussed, when they are it’s rare and brief. Maybe I need to surround myself around different people, well people in general but it’s getting warmer I soon come out to play… That’s neither here nor there. 

Using the word try is an excuse in the making, sure we don’t realize it at first, but think of all you said you would try, and how many of those tries did you actually put your all into it? Look at that ratio and think, might’ve the outcome been different had you given your all in all your “tries” ? 

Just something to think about. 


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