Do you think a “coal” feels the pressure as it evolves into a diamond? 

I think about pressure, and what it means and how it’s applied, also when. 

I’m at a point where I don’t feel the pressure, but I sense it. I am transitioning into my diamond phase. The pressure doesn’t hurt, it’s motivating. The pressure doesn’t make me feel constricted as some may think, but free and stronger. 

I feel pressure is all on how we look at it. Pressure is a reminder that we are pushing towards something. We’re going against what we know and are comfortable with.. Into what you desire and have no clue of what’s next.  

Pressure is applied to resistance; Resistance that we create by not being all on the same page internally. Meaning mind, emotion, and subconscious has to be in tune to allow pressure to serve its purpose.

You have to determine what the pressure is for, and for the betterment of your wellbeing and lifestyle, you have to know why.

You shouldn’t allow people to pressure you in ways you would not pressure yourself, even if it’s needed, you will need to find a way to apply that on your own; or fall victim to codependency to get shit done, or gather up the courage to do so.

Pressure is necessary, but it doesn’t have to be negative. It doesn’t have to be panic and chaos. It doesn’t have to be applied by others. We all have that within us. We apply pressure everyday as we get on with our lives. 

But I realized when we need it most, we shy away from it. Why? The pressure when we truly need it is when we feel it the most. 

That’s pressure on pressure (lol) and we panic at the idea of having to make a choice quickly… Depending on scenario that may induce fear and complete avoidance of what needs to be done. 

But we can’t run forever. 

Anything done through pressure is more impactful. It’s felt deeply. 

Are you ready to be a diamond? 

Are you ready to face the pressure and allow it to target your tense spots like a deep tissue massage (with hot stones 🙂 )? 
Shit I hope so. 

Shit real. 


10 (grams) 

i turn 24 soon. 

I have a personal project I’m working on titled: Year of the Muse. 

Here’s 10 (grams) on soundcloud: 10 (grams)

1. 10 (grams)

Perfect 10. 
I was born on the 10th, perfect score. I was born to win. 
See I’m as cold as a steel 9 in a deep freezer, and after this revelation, doubters will become believers. 
Tan and raw like an 8 ball of perfecto powder, fuck sour. I’m louder. 
Lucky lefty, jackpot hitting lucky 7s, I was sent from heaven, but like the pastor on 7th, you’ll be second guessing. 
I’m sick. I’m an egg short of half a dozen, (that’s 6) like Kanye, on a rant omelette you finish, but I really got the best count down of all time, I’m fine.. My 5 senses all in tune, there4, (Thats4), being born in June, has allowed me to bloom and understand, 3 things: I’m divided in 2 and I’m really the one. 
The more I think about it, I’m really the 1. 
[A snippet of a recorded conversation of my grandmother and I]



The Look. 

They always say you never get a second chance to make a first impression….. but only at a first impression, is a perception made? 

Society tells us what we should look like, and the variety of looks that categorizes who we are as individuals. 

Perception is reality for many. 

Mainly because they don’t want to do the brain work it requires to go deeper than the appearance. It is what it seems and that’s alright with me. 


So looks matter, right? Why? 

Well, how someone looks at you will determine how they treat you, how they greet you and most importantly how they use you. Either to get ahead for themselves only or to help you get ahead along the way. 

Now why does this matter? 

Well, we can’t do everything ourselves. We as humans are made to interact, thus why we can reproduce. And as introverted as I am I finally can grasp that. We all will cross paths at one point or another, for one reason or a sign. Either way how you look plays a big factor. 

Now, how do you look vs how do you look to others? 

How can you tell the difference and which one is real? 

How you look to yourself may be a reflective of all you see yourself to be, you may not be there all the way yet… Yet, you see it. 

How you look to others is how your actions, words affect your appearance.. By that I mean, [beautiful face: ugly personality – ugly wins, ugly face: beautiful personality –  beautiful wins if we’re not being shallow] it’s not so black and white either… 

People will paint you out to be what they want and you can’t ever be in control of that. You’re usually never aware that it’s happening anyway.. But what do you really have control of, is how you want to look. 

Taking a good look and realize the reality of what you’re seeing. Are you okay with that?

Regardless of how anyone may interpret your look, you define it. So opinions won’t sway you and the ignorant can’t bait you. 

In your life you can alter your look to however you please because it is yours. Nobody can take your look from you. No one looks exactly like you. 

Your look contains your physcial, your mental and spiritual. Those three blended are the persona that makes you, you. It is the light that people feel the need to shape to a look, how they see you through their eyes…. 

It’s perception, it doesn’t have to be your reality if you don’t want it to be. 

You become what you think about. You radiate your desires. You look like your mind. 

If you carry yourself like a thief, people will assume you’re a thief. If you carry yourself like royalty, followers trail behind. It’s not rocket science. 

And again, the simple root, it all comes back to you. What you do, how you put yourself out there, for who for what and why all play big roles.. Even if you’re the only one watching the show… Or so you think, there’s always somebody watching, someone’s always looking. 

Do you know how you look? 


The Great Leap. 

I’ve chosen to take the leap… 

I’ve made the choice to jump off the edge.

My birthday is next month and I’ll be 24. 

I gotta finish out this last quarter of 23 like Jordan in Game 6. 

It’s that intense.

I’m choosing smarter and acting more. 

I’m becoming more limber and fluid which is key for when I land. 

Right now in mid air, I feel free, grateful to have finally took those steps to finally leap. 

You think about where you are in life and where you want to be, at what point, do you tell yourself to take that leap? At what point do you admit you really want it more than it scares you? Then, what do you do about it? Are you willing to just consult with yourself on what to do about it? Are you actually willing to take those steps for that grand leap?

The leap to where you truly want to be? 

Don’t worry about the fall, what you desire will cushion the landing. 

I’m sure of it. 

Shit real. 



I feel so liberated. 

I got a lot out the way just in time for a new beginning. 🙂 

I feel so good and motivated. 

I feel like a lot of things are clicking, and I’m so happy to have been paying attention. The work load has not eased up but the strength to efficiently get it done is continuing to build and it’s amazing. 

There is no doubt. 

I have so much I want to say but as usual I refrain for I know you’ll see it for yourself soon enough and it’ll click way better than even if I could have worded it [& I’m pretty good with words ;)]. As long as you pay more attention to your life and the signs on your path as opposed to watching signs for others just to see what path they’re on.. Mind your business. 

You have things to tend to. Get on it. 

Since it’s Monday I would love to share this beautiful scripture, well to me anyway. Earl nightingale breaks down James Allen’s ‘As A Man Thinketh’ in a way that still resonates today and this was spoken of decades ago…. Which is both sad and tragic, and it’s only because we don’t share. So after listening to this [its an hour long] if you feel any different, share it to anyone who will listen. That’s all I ask, thank you. 

Earl Nightingale on As A Man Thinketh
Shit real. 



An in depth look into the levels of Lust beyond what has been openly discussed for centuries. Through the views and opinions from myself, the Lust Goddess, in which my lust for life has allowed me to search for answers to questions we won’t ask. Lust Talk About it. 

Synopsis: A Wise man [Marquis De Sade] said, Lust is to the other passions what the nervous fluids is to life; it supports them all, ambition, cruelty, avarice, revenge, are all founded on lust…. But, what about Love? Is that not founded on Lust? Why isn’t this discussed? What about lost Lust? Avoiding the illusion? Dealing with the reality of it? the science and psychology behind it? All these questions, few answers, so Lust Talk About it.. Discussing views and thoughts not often spoken of, but so often felt.


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The Real. 

We’re already in May. 

This past Sunday I had an unveiling for my book (official release date: 5/15/15) with my family and friends in attendance. It was amazing, terrifying and electrifying all at once. 

I never performed for all my friends and family. They loved it. 

Now the event itself had a few minor difficulties which forced me to pretty much wing it but the love felt in that room kept me calm, that was truly a first time for me. Everything about that event was surreal to me. 

I had a science segment on lust, pop quiz after.. Gave the winners these cute ass jars one of my best friends made for the occasion, we did a raffle basket, my aunt cate(red) .. the audience was so into the readings and I could tell they were feeling it. I was so high of that energy it’s just now wearing off. It’s Tuesday. 

What a great learning experience, I had the greatest help, I needed that cause I’m so hard on myself. Even now as great of an experience that was. I am now analyzing my errors and looking for ways to improve for next time, cause there’s going to be plenty of next times..  

When I’m asked, how are you going to make poetry a business? My answer is the experience sells itself.. 

Poetry provides a feeling, poetry is like time traveling. You just have to indulge in it. I seem to be good at intriguing people to do so. 

The biggest realization I feel for me, is just the resonating feeling that this is it. This is what I’m supposed to be doing.. Exactly how I’m doing it. 

The beginning of it all. 

Shit real. 

Shit real.