The Great Leap. 

I’ve chosen to take the leap… 

I’ve made the choice to jump off the edge.

My birthday is next month and I’ll be 24. 

I gotta finish out this last quarter of 23 like Jordan in Game 6. 

It’s that intense.

I’m choosing smarter and acting more. 

I’m becoming more limber and fluid which is key for when I land. 

Right now in mid air, I feel free, grateful to have finally took those steps to finally leap. 

You think about where you are in life and where you want to be, at what point, do you tell yourself to take that leap? At what point do you admit you really want it more than it scares you? Then, what do you do about it? Are you willing to just consult with yourself on what to do about it? Are you actually willing to take those steps for that grand leap?

The leap to where you truly want to be? 

Don’t worry about the fall, what you desire will cushion the landing. 

I’m sure of it. 

Shit real. 


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