The Look. 

They always say you never get a second chance to make a first impression….. but only at a first impression, is a perception made? 

Society tells us what we should look like, and the variety of looks that categorizes who we are as individuals. 

Perception is reality for many. 

Mainly because they don’t want to do the brain work it requires to go deeper than the appearance. It is what it seems and that’s alright with me. 


So looks matter, right? Why? 

Well, how someone looks at you will determine how they treat you, how they greet you and most importantly how they use you. Either to get ahead for themselves only or to help you get ahead along the way. 

Now why does this matter? 

Well, we can’t do everything ourselves. We as humans are made to interact, thus why we can reproduce. And as introverted as I am I finally can grasp that. We all will cross paths at one point or another, for one reason or a sign. Either way how you look plays a big factor. 

Now, how do you look vs how do you look to others? 

How can you tell the difference and which one is real? 

How you look to yourself may be a reflective of all you see yourself to be, you may not be there all the way yet… Yet, you see it. 

How you look to others is how your actions, words affect your appearance.. By that I mean, [beautiful face: ugly personality – ugly wins, ugly face: beautiful personality –  beautiful wins if we’re not being shallow] it’s not so black and white either… 

People will paint you out to be what they want and you can’t ever be in control of that. You’re usually never aware that it’s happening anyway.. But what do you really have control of, is how you want to look. 

Taking a good look and realize the reality of what you’re seeing. Are you okay with that?

Regardless of how anyone may interpret your look, you define it. So opinions won’t sway you and the ignorant can’t bait you. 

In your life you can alter your look to however you please because it is yours. Nobody can take your look from you. No one looks exactly like you. 

Your look contains your physcial, your mental and spiritual. Those three blended are the persona that makes you, you. It is the light that people feel the need to shape to a look, how they see you through their eyes…. 

It’s perception, it doesn’t have to be your reality if you don’t want it to be. 

You become what you think about. You radiate your desires. You look like your mind. 

If you carry yourself like a thief, people will assume you’re a thief. If you carry yourself like royalty, followers trail behind. It’s not rocket science. 

And again, the simple root, it all comes back to you. What you do, how you put yourself out there, for who for what and why all play big roles.. Even if you’re the only one watching the show… Or so you think, there’s always somebody watching, someone’s always looking. 

Do you know how you look? 


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