It’s funny how…

You see I have a different type of humor, this is a sick world we live in, on many levels. So you must keep your eyes on the prize and all the signs that make shit a joke. 

Cause it’s funny how, in retrospect it all makes sense right? 

Silly us? How didn’t we see it? 

If only we looked back more often.. But not so often, we get stuck in the past and prevent progression.. Cause that’s just stupid, and we’re smart. We get the jokes, you hear the laughs, the ego boosts and killers all at once. We’re aware. We make jokes, but God and life are in on the biggest joke. You. 

You think about what you want all day and don’t even reaLize how the universe is actually working with you… You’re too caught up in your mind in the moment. But in retrospect, ohhh it alllll makes sense. Sometimes it’s too late and we’re all filled with those regrets. But don’t fret, the joke is you can do it again, life keeps moving even when your mind is in slow motion… Lucky for us it spins.. What goes around comes right back. And we see this all in retrospect. 

It really all makes sense. 

So as I think about that, signs and time.  

And how we are NOT in charge of that alignment. At all. Seriously think about all the times you tried to force your alignment of things and how many times that worked….. Now compare it when you went with the flow because you felt it was right and notice how many times that worked out even better than you anticipated. 

You see the joke? 

You don’t find that funny? 

How we as humans still try to force things because we think we know everything. We don’t know shit. That’s the biggest joke. We claim we do but we never really know until.. Yup, you guessed it. Retrospect. 

I just think it’s funny how some shit just clicked in my mind and ironically it was a mini retrospect. And it hit me, when you constantly reassess why you’re doing what you’re doing you notice more opportunities than disadvantages. 

The opportunities are like signs from the universe telling you, IM LISTENING.  GO AHEAD. 

If you ignore that regularly, you probably won’t find that funny.

Shit is real. 

But as usual, I’m just rambling. 


June 10th.

Today is my birthday! 

I’m 24 years old in flesh. God damn. 

Where does the time go? 

I’m so fucking happy to be alive, even happier to be me. 

Birthdates are to me, your personal new year, and the celebration is a result of reflection: look how far you’ve come, look at all that awaits! 

I am in such a great mood! 

Here I am, 24 years in and I am fucking proud of who I am. I know my positive and negative attributes that make up who I am as a whole. 

Here’s one thing I learned at 23, that is shaping where I’m headed at 24: you can’t get rid of your flaws. 

Your flaws have just as much of a role as your positive characteristics. Combined is who you are. 

But while you can’t get rid of them, you can learn them, be aware and make it work for you. 

“Turning weakness into strengths, strengths into superpowers” – I should coin this * 

Something I mentioned in a conversation with a friend, I’m not really lacking anything, anything I’m lacking, I’m aware of and I’m working on it. You only lack if you don’t acknlowledge. If you don’t acknowledge your flaws, how can you grow? 

Now you don’t have to acknowledge your flaws for others. It’s not for them, or about them. It’s for you, it’s about you. Most people won’t stick around long enough to see all your flaws anyway. We are still human though and we must work consistently on what makes us who we are, in turn affecting how we live, what we do. 

It’s a cycle that starts with you and ends with you.

.. I’m rambling right now, I’m high as shit and I feel good. I can’t say that enough because I’m more grateful than many can even begin to comprehend. 

But…. I just put out a spoken word album: YEAR OF THE MUSE

 Everything about this cover is just amazing to me. but that’s another post… Happy birthday to me. 10 poems expressing where I’m coming from and where I’m headed. I’m super proud of this, LISTEN HERE

Shit real. 


Road to perfection. 

Yerrrrr what the fuck is good WordPress!? 

Lol I’m just really excited can you tell? 🙂 

I’ve been thinking and moving as usual and as I continue to absorb all that surrounds me, I get so inspi(red).. I have so much I want to discuss and give but I refrain for the sole reason I haven’t settled on my delivery. But I can say with great certainty, the time is coming where I’m confident whole heartedly in how I choose to deliver what I want to express. 

Recently, I made what now is appearing to be a big power move. I made an affirmative decision to have more control of my time and it’s shaping out to be the best thing I could’ve done. While I’m still adjusting and figuring out how to divide my time; One thing screams at me: 

Bitch, explore your hobbies

I feel I’m not good at just one thing, I have many different interests, many in which I may have never expressed to others. But I’m so curious as to what skills I can develop indulging in different things that interest me beyond the need to learn them. 
I’m only here for one lifetime and I want to explore as many aspects of life and what it has to offer while I’m here. While I can. 

Idk what the future holds for certain outside of what I’m working towards and continue to shape through manifestation.. Yet every last detail in life can’t be accounted for; but how you choose to spend your time can be, and you are fully responsible. 

My levels of tolerance and persistence keeps rising as I find myself yet again bursting with motivation to continue to push myself to new heights. 

I feel really good. I do not have much worries these days. 

The focus is zoning in deeper and I’m anxious. 

Perfection is slowly becoming to me the meaning of willing and actually going the extent to make it flawless in every way. 

I intend to create perfectIon in all I do.
Shit is real.