June 10th.

Today is my birthday! 

I’m 24 years old in flesh. God damn. 

Where does the time go? 

I’m so fucking happy to be alive, even happier to be me. 

Birthdates are to me, your personal new year, and the celebration is a result of reflection: look how far you’ve come, look at all that awaits! 

I am in such a great mood! 

Here I am, 24 years in and I am fucking proud of who I am. I know my positive and negative attributes that make up who I am as a whole. 

Here’s one thing I learned at 23, that is shaping where I’m headed at 24: you can’t get rid of your flaws. 

Your flaws have just as much of a role as your positive characteristics. Combined is who you are. 

But while you can’t get rid of them, you can learn them, be aware and make it work for you. 

“Turning weakness into strengths, strengths into superpowers” – I should coin this * 

Something I mentioned in a conversation with a friend, I’m not really lacking anything, anything I’m lacking, I’m aware of and I’m working on it. You only lack if you don’t acknlowledge. If you don’t acknowledge your flaws, how can you grow? 

Now you don’t have to acknowledge your flaws for others. It’s not for them, or about them. It’s for you, it’s about you. Most people won’t stick around long enough to see all your flaws anyway. We are still human though and we must work consistently on what makes us who we are, in turn affecting how we live, what we do. 

It’s a cycle that starts with you and ends with you.

.. I’m rambling right now, I’m high as shit and I feel good. I can’t say that enough because I’m more grateful than many can even begin to comprehend. 

But…. I just put out a spoken word album: YEAR OF THE MUSE

 Everything about this cover is just amazing to me. but that’s another post… Happy birthday to me. 10 poems expressing where I’m coming from and where I’m headed. I’m super proud of this, LISTEN HERE

Shit real. 


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