Shit real. (Countdown edition)

We’re about 38 days away from 2016.

What have you done?
What are you doing?

As the year comes to an end, of course reflections are on the rise.. But what about the reactions?

How are we reacting to our reflections?
How is that affecting how we choose to spend our time? Is it more productive? More proactive than anything?

Yes we must reflect but we can’t get caught up in the memories of what happened, or what we wish could’ve happened… What is going to happen is time speeding past you because you refuse to let go of what is gone.

Time is gone, the moment is gone.
We must move forward.
We must be conscious of where time is taking us… Conscious of whats shaping your path.

Yes the holidays approach us and there’s much to celebrate, but keep in mind we still have time to get more shit done.

When you think there’s nothing to do, attend to what you been ignoring.

You might’ve thought you was doing a lot til you realize the year is up and there’s still so much more to do. 

No fear of pressure, pressure molds diamonds… So even if you feeling like Cole, put that work in and you’ll flourish in your own time.

But don’t forget to check the clock, the calendar and keep your mind open and your body in motion.

Don’t stop.

Shit is real.

I’m always up to something, that’s for sure… I can’t play with time like many do. I know better.


2 thoughts on “Shit real. (Countdown edition)

  1. you know what’s weird, the only said when they were younger we wished we were older,and our parents told us be careful what you wish for because when you do get older Time flies. How true that statement really is. It’s great to reflect because it allows us to learn from the mistakes we’ve made, but if we dwell on the past, we can never move forward. Change is inevitable, we just have to learn how to accept it if we want to move forward. There are a few things about myself I need to change, and I’m learning and trying things I’ve never done before, so it’s all good. Thank you for the post. It got me thinking. Can’t you see the flames bursting from my earholes?

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