Showtime September. 

Woah, summer flewwwww.. 

Hope you all are refreshed and relaxed and ready to attack.. Your goals that is. 4th quarter is all about finishing strong. 

Show time.

You’ve been prepping, practicing and getting your shit together. Time is now. 

Shit is real. 

Break down the months how you see fit, just get on it. Focus on what you do and how to more of it efficiently.. Utilize your time.. Understand your options. 

I’ve been zoning in, it feel great. 

Pushing new limits internally is amazing. Especially when they start to reflect externally. 

Mercury back in retrograde I wrote about it for a dope magazine: What Mercury in retrograde means OPUS 

I’m alert man. I’m excited I’m fucking pumped. I know better. It’s clicking so well. I can show better. This is key. So watch me work. 

I got a show coming up later this month, you should check it out. Here was the recap of my last one #LustHearIt 3/24/16

Cop your tickets here, guaranteed a great time. #LustHearIt 9/22/16

Take initiative and follow the momentum or switch it up if you don’t like how it’s going.. Never forget you are in control. How you feel, how you move, how you think. You are in control. Act like it. 

This is what I remind myself when I get overwhelmed. Relax. 

Everything is working for you. You know it. Act accordingly. 

Bless up and stay sturdy.