In today’s metaphor of the day we tackle the ugly potato… 

I love potatoes, mashed, baked, wedged, fried, sliced, steak style.. I can go on and on with all the ways I enjoy potatoes. But no matter how you slice it, it’s still a potato. 

So what? We all know it’s a potato, we know what it looks like in its rawest form after blooming… so why do we act so clueless as to what to do with potatoes when we decide we want, French fries… or say garlic mash? 

Person 1: I want fresh cut French fries sprinkled with basil. 

Person 2: I got two potatoes for you. 

Person 1: what the fuck am I supposed to do with that? 

Person 2: Umm.. cut it up to make fries perhaps? 

It seems so obvious in this example, but we excuse it in our every day lives with our own desires…. a lot of us dream and drool for basil crusted French fries… some of us, seasoned wedges… yet we have the potatoes in our hands just collecting space. 

Why aren’t we doing more with what we have?

Why aren’t we willing to trust and wait for things to grow and bloom?

What has become of us that we are in a speedy delivery type of motion? Rome wasn’t built in a day.. a tree doesn’t sprout in a week.. 

Why do we neglect the process of… the process? 

Everything is in motion… a thought becomes a thing, a thing sparks a thought and the cycle never ends. 

So why do we have all this power, just to give it to people who won’t give us the time.. let alone the attention needed to get your potato from a solid ugly lump, to a tender baked butter potato to compliment the sirloin steak we desi(red) so deeply? 

Why do we care when no one cares about our desires and the obstacles we face in manifesting them? 

Why do we judge what those who actually do something with their potatoes while we let ours collect dust? 

Why do we try to control how many consume their potatoes while ours rot in our kitchen? 

Some say…why get the potato raw, when I can buy it cooked? 

I say, why not? Whatever floats your boat… just know how to cook the raw potatoes for when the day comes that you can’t buy it cooked and you’re starving. 

See, we get too caught up in the visual, our perception of what we see to determine what we will do or not.. while being aware is vital.. Being fluid is above that. 

Fluidity is understanding the need to adapt with the current waves… yet still fixated on the focus knowing that although visually the path seems off course… this is exactly where you need to be, and where you need to grow. 

I’m dicing some potatoes as well.. and while keeping an eye on the time, I’m seasoning it precisely… and it smells amazing, the oven been preheated so it’s all a go. 

While I wait for my food to be done, I’m making room for all the guests who will enjoy this meal.. in a very accommodating manner. 

I say all that to say this, no matter how you slice it, a potato is just that..  it’s what you do and how much time you take with the potato that determines how satisfying and fulfilled you are with your meal… Shit real. 


Merrrrrrryyyy Christmas! 

Wow how the time flies! 

I hope you all are in good spirits. 

The holidays has been very good to me and mine, I’m grateful for the way this year is ending… I missed you WordPress. I have so much to share…. as always. 

Family is a bond, more than genetics. The unity of a family despite differences, is priceless.  We can’t control what family we are born into, but the bond built is something we are ultimately responsible for. There’s beauty in all family struggles, overcoming them just strengthens the bond.. and during these times of celebration, family is at the fore front. Whether you feel you have a little or a lot, one thing that is for certain, is we have each other… And that’s more than any gift you can receive. 
I will pick back up once the new year arrives, I’ll recap in a few days this very interesting year.. hopefully you pick up some gems along the way. 
Stay blessed, you know shit real. 


Showtime September. 

Woah, summer flewwwww.. 

Hope you all are refreshed and relaxed and ready to attack.. Your goals that is. 4th quarter is all about finishing strong. 

Show time.

You’ve been prepping, practicing and getting your shit together. Time is now. 

Shit is real. 

Break down the months how you see fit, just get on it. Focus on what you do and how to more of it efficiently.. Utilize your time.. Understand your options. 

I’ve been zoning in, it feel great. 

Pushing new limits internally is amazing. Especially when they start to reflect externally. 

Mercury back in retrograde I wrote about it for a dope magazine: What Mercury in retrograde means OPUS 

I’m alert man. I’m excited I’m fucking pumped. I know better. It’s clicking so well. I can show better. This is key. So watch me work. 

I got a show coming up later this month, you should check it out. Here was the recap of my last one #LustHearIt 3/24/16

Cop your tickets here, guaranteed a great time. #LustHearIt 9/22/16

Take initiative and follow the momentum or switch it up if you don’t like how it’s going.. Never forget you are in control. How you feel, how you move, how you think. You are in control. Act like it. 

This is what I remind myself when I get overwhelmed. Relax. 

Everything is working for you. You know it. Act accordingly. 

Bless up and stay sturdy. 



It’s late, or early depending on if you slept. 

It’s been a minute and I’ve even neglected my diary. Shame on me. 

I’ve been living though. That’s for sure. 

Moving and grooving.. Shit is real. 

Loving how I act accordingly regardless.

What I want to say is this: 



Don’t forget to think for yourself. 
I’m loving how well I’m catching the signs and running these plays. I wish I could say more, but I’ve said enough. 

June almost over.. The intermission we call summer no excuse to slack off, if anything it’s even more imperative that we go even harder. 
Shit real but y’all know that. 

I turned 25 on the 10th.. Here’s Quarter Century. Take a listen. 


Lust Talk About It – Happy Birthday!

This day last year, (5-15-15) I put my first self published book up for sale: print and digital formats. This is also the day I quit my job.

It’s been a year, and I can honestly say I’m so proud of myself and as I tear up with joy, I also feel restless. I have not fully taken advantage of what I have accomplished. I managed to self publish an entire book surrounding one of the most fickle topics in the Western Hemisphere: Lust. I did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself.. Or if I look to those who’ve read my work. 

There’s still plenty who have not read my book. 

There lies my restlessness, I quit my job for one that allowed me to work at my real job: my brand. My book. I just didn’t go as hard as I set out. See, I was clouded, it’s so clear now in retrospect. I let certain things slow me up that shouldn’t have been a factor. I spent time carelessly on these obstacles and confusion that I forgot, my purpose for the whole book.. First, I thought I needed to get it off my chest and spark the conversation.. Now, I know I must mediate it. 

Too many are closed minded, they are terrified at even discussing Lust and what it really means, that’s dangerous. I have noticed patterns in this last year, that scream how much I’m slacking, period. Yeah, I’m working shit out, expressing myself best way I know how to, at the moment. It’s still not enough. 

I had a man approach me about my shirt (Ask me about Lust) just to tremble and shake when I offe(red) a card, he wouldn’t take it, despite his body jerking to do so. It was weird, but it has become normal to me. He isn’t the first person I have encounte(red) this last year who have expressed similar emotions. What does this tell me? They’re sca(red) to give it a chance, they are set in their ways.. 

I won’t force anything on anyone, that’s never my intent. It just fuels my desire to seek understanding as to why, and to explore more in depth those who are fearless of subjects, such as lust. 

I won’t lie, and say I didn’t think I’d be on the New York Times best sellers list by now… I really believe I’m great enough to be in everyone’s bookshelf, can I say I’m disappointed? Perhaps, I know why I’m not there yet. 

I know what I didn’t do.. Despite all I do, I’m very aware of what I don’t do. That’s just as important. 

Being real, between me and you, I will be on it sooner than later, and it won’t be the only list I top. Don’t get it twisted though, It’s never about the list, it’s about the reach. 

Sometimes you reach people in ways that can’t make a list, and it doesn’t belittle the journey if it isn’t tallied up, as long as it’s felt. Deeply. 

As I reflect on a series of recent events, this book has helped me grow, made me even stronger as I kept my both feet planted in the soil I continue to nurture, all while exploring the endless garden of possibilities. Shit is real. 

I’ve had my book compa(red) to the 48 laws of power … The person wasn’t aware of my love for Robert Greene, my heart melted that day… Someone told me, your book so real, to agree with you, I had to be honest with myself first. I could’ve cried. Another actually cried when reading certain essays.. Shit is crazy, someone suggested I remove the religion portion of my book. I get often, how it should’ve been longer (which I take as a compliment) I’ve gotten great feedback and skeptical feedback, all taken into consideration. In this next year, I know where this book will take me, and everyone else who comes across it. 

I’m going harder this year for sure. 

Keep calm stay lusty. 

If you would like to obtain a copy of Lust Talk About it for yourself or a loved one, click the cover below 



K lo k, dimelo.. Wass happenin? 

Shit real or nah? 

You know it is. 

5 planets in retrograde, so the energy is definitely different.. The orbit of our solar system affect us directly in multiple ways.. Many of us are dumb to think we are above the orbit. Smh we are orbits… Funny how sometimes we go into our own personal retrograde, shit gets real then. And shit real now. 

I’m feeling good though, continuing to test out theories and push my progression. 

I love that I am able to be completely honest with myself even when that means revealing how I am wrong. That’s right to me! To face the error in your ways, despite it proving you were deluded or wrong, makes you right. You know this. 

Act accordingly. 

We do not have to explain ourselves to anyone verbally, we must however always explain in action. Action is what seals right and wrong. Progressive or destructive. 

We must be impeccable with our word, our daily word. 

You don’t keep your word, you lied. 

We can’t tell these form of lies, which in turn weaken our power. We speak of things we don’t ACT on. When your actions speak for you, why talk? Stfu. 

Shut up. Just keep moving. Say less. 

Do more. 

24hours in a day, 168 in a week… How you breaking it up? 

See halftime coming, and shit is clicking. Half of the year will be up… What have you done? What are you doing? What the fuck are you waiting for? 

Remind yourself what it is you want, who it is you are. 

Who you want to be is who you are, the only thing stopping you is who you are today.. Levels to fruition with desire. Stop doubting yourself. 

Literally you have nothing to lose! Nothing!! Worst case scenario you fall short? You’re one step closer. Best case scenario, you’re further than you envisioned. 

Ask yourself, guide yourself. Consult with yourself. You deserve to enjoy the life you live. Get your shit together, mind your business and stay hydrated. 

Summer approaches us, another season.. 

You become what you think about, what’s really on your mind?? 

Sidebar: dweling on your “misfortunes” is a waste of time after the lesson is learned, half of that lesson is ALWAYS, move on, it could’ve been worse. Be grateful to experience the pain.. As odd as that may sound, to feel is a blessing and the pain is just a price we pay in exchange for all the joy and bliss we do experience.. The calm and peace are cherished because of chaos and desperation.. Keep that in mind. Life will never be fair in the way we want it, life is fair by not caring at all. It’s going to happen, whether it’s pleasurable or painful. Accepting that eases the confusion and saves you time. Take the gems, keep going. Time is a factor. Moving forward is a must. 

Shit real… I got work to do. 


No fool..

2nd quarter is here. 

The next three months are crucial. 

I’m going to take my approach to another level I have many things for May planned and literally less than a month to flex, so let’s go. Let’s get it moving. 

I’m still feeling so weird. But I must prove to myself this is it. 

Halftime is 2months away 

Shit real. 

Don’t be a fool and think you have all the time in the world, while you’re dreaming. 

Action overrides intent. 

It doesn’t matter what you intended, it doesn’t matter what was supposed to happen, what happened is what it is. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Let’s be smart and wise about life and ourselves, first and foremost. Shit gets realer and we must remain diligent with our discipline. 

I will master this. 

Practice while I preach, long winded, for longevity. 

I do what I want… What do I really want? 

Time to find out.