Plan A. 

A = A lot of mini plans, to one blue print. 

I’ve been wanting to speak on this as much as I’ve been wanting to speak on vulnerability… couldn’t settle on one, maybe it is one. Maybe, being vulnerable is the ultimate goal in all our masterplans.. I’ve been absorbing, as I observe my plans continuously in action even when I stand still.  Amazing. I’m fucking in awe, and alert. There is no coincidence. Shit is real. 

Peep game. 

Vulnerability has a nasty stigma to it, it makes me cringe… I’m getting out of it so I will be using it more often, in an open sense. See being open gets you far…. you see opportunities beyond your guarded ways, you are open to giving, as much if not more than you are receiving. You are uplifted with the winds of wealth on many scales….. if you are well equipped mentally. Mind over matter. 

In our society, weak is correlated to vulnerability… although definition states you’re more open to harm, NOT weakened by it. Nobody wants to be tooo open. It’s way too risky, people are fearful of even appearing vulnerable, let alone allowing themselves the ability to see how beneficial being vulnerable can be. You grow when you are open, regardless of risk.. you train well enough for anything you can take some pain. 

How focused are you? 

Do you train your mind, body and soul the way dedicated athletes, dancers and philosophers do? 

Plan A is a folder with every other plan you can think of. 

You want one thing. 

You know what that is. 

You work towards it everyday, every waking moment you think of it, every thing and one you love seems to bring you back to this ONE  THOUGHT, and somehow you feel you’re not there yet? You’re not where??? You’re right here! This is it! Don’t you get it?? Shit is for real. The picture on the box isn’t assembled inside, put the pieces together accordingly.. you know what fits, don’t fear being open enough to grasp that. You are in it. Every step is adding to your journey, getting you closer… be satisfied with it, just don’t confuse with it stagnancy. You know the end goal. If no one else knows, YOU do. 
You don’t need back up plans in the event of, nah fuck that.. there is no just in case, or you never know. No you do know. You know what you want… stick to that, plan A. You owe yourself that much, shit we all do. That’s why we need reminders. 

Stay focused. 


Hey high. 

It’s been a while… I’ve thought of you often… it’s not that I don’t have anything to say, I just don’t know where to start… what to leave out. 

Shit is real. Yeah I’m high as shit… regular.. I’m more open though, I’m very happy with how open I’ve become and how much has opened up for me as I continue on this path of mine. 
I’m in a pretty fucking great space internally… new grounds that I’m eagerly exploring, revealing the growth from where I once fea(red) my unknown potential…
See you are all you think you are, yet that’s not ALL you are… you are more. Way more than you can envision for yourself at this point in time… 

“Don’t be patient, be satisfied.” — to be patient means you’re waiting, and on your journey motion is constant… to ignore the motions will always make you feel like a patient in a waiting room. Pay attention, be satisfied knowing the signs are revealing how all you desire and work towards are unfolding for you in ways you couldn’t imagine… twice as better, you get to see it come to fruition, what are you waiting for exactly?  
Keep Calm, it’s all working out perfectly. 



I used to hate the smell of flowers, that was back when I was dead. I now realize the scent of life made it clear how dead and numb I was to life. I am alive now, I am more alive than I have ever been. It’s reflective in all aspects of my life how lively I am, for that I am eternally grateful. I am in love with nature. So imagine my suprise when I got wind of the Thailand orchid exhibit opening day was this past Sunday, at the NY Botanical Garden in the Bronx. I had the perfect day with perfect company to top a perfect weekend… I took some photos of the exhibit, here they are… I can’t upload all 250+ but these are some of my favorites. 



In today’s metaphor of the day we tackle the ugly potato… 

I love potatoes, mashed, baked, wedged, fried, sliced, steak style.. I can go on and on with all the ways I enjoy potatoes. But no matter how you slice it, it’s still a potato. 

So what? We all know it’s a potato, we know what it looks like in its rawest form after blooming… so why do we act so clueless as to what to do with potatoes when we decide we want, French fries… or say garlic mash? 

Person 1: I want fresh cut French fries sprinkled with basil. 

Person 2: I got two potatoes for you. 

Person 1: what the fuck am I supposed to do with that? 

Person 2: Umm.. cut it up to make fries perhaps? 

It seems so obvious in this example, but we excuse it in our every day lives with our own desires…. a lot of us dream and drool for basil crusted French fries… some of us, seasoned wedges… yet we have the potatoes in our hands just collecting space. 

Why aren’t we doing more with what we have?

Why aren’t we willing to trust and wait for things to grow and bloom?

What has become of us that we are in a speedy delivery type of motion? Rome wasn’t built in a day.. a tree doesn’t sprout in a week.. 

Why do we neglect the process of… the process? 

Everything is in motion… a thought becomes a thing, a thing sparks a thought and the cycle never ends. 

So why do we have all this power, just to give it to people who won’t give us the time.. let alone the attention needed to get your potato from a solid ugly lump, to a tender baked butter potato to compliment the sirloin steak we desi(red) so deeply? 

Why do we care when no one cares about our desires and the obstacles we face in manifesting them? 

Why do we judge what those who actually do something with their potatoes while we let ours collect dust? 

Why do we try to control how many consume their potatoes while ours rot in our kitchen? 

Some say…why get the potato raw, when I can buy it cooked? 

I say, why not? Whatever floats your boat… just know how to cook the raw potatoes for when the day comes that you can’t buy it cooked and you’re starving. 

See, we get too caught up in the visual, our perception of what we see to determine what we will do or not.. while being aware is vital.. Being fluid is above that. 

Fluidity is understanding the need to adapt with the current waves… yet still fixated on the focus knowing that although visually the path seems off course… this is exactly where you need to be, and where you need to grow. 

I’m dicing some potatoes as well.. and while keeping an eye on the time, I’m seasoning it precisely… and it smells amazing, the oven been preheated so it’s all a go. 

While I wait for my food to be done, I’m making room for all the guests who will enjoy this meal.. in a very accommodating manner. 

I say all that to say this, no matter how you slice it, a potato is just that..  it’s what you do and how much time you take with the potato that determines how satisfying and fulfilled you are with your meal… Shit real. 


Merrrrrrryyyy Christmas! 

Wow how the time flies! 

I hope you all are in good spirits. 

The holidays has been very good to me and mine, I’m grateful for the way this year is ending… I missed you WordPress. I have so much to share…. as always. 

Family is a bond, more than genetics. The unity of a family despite differences, is priceless.  We can’t control what family we are born into, but the bond built is something we are ultimately responsible for. There’s beauty in all family struggles, overcoming them just strengthens the bond.. and during these times of celebration, family is at the fore front. Whether you feel you have a little or a lot, one thing that is for certain, is we have each other… And that’s more than any gift you can receive. 
I will pick back up once the new year arrives, I’ll recap in a few days this very interesting year.. hopefully you pick up some gems along the way. 
Stay blessed, you know shit real. 


Showtime September. 

Woah, summer flewwwww.. 

Hope you all are refreshed and relaxed and ready to attack.. Your goals that is. 4th quarter is all about finishing strong. 

Show time.

You’ve been prepping, practicing and getting your shit together. Time is now. 

Shit is real. 

Break down the months how you see fit, just get on it. Focus on what you do and how to more of it efficiently.. Utilize your time.. Understand your options. 

I’ve been zoning in, it feel great. 

Pushing new limits internally is amazing. Especially when they start to reflect externally. 

Mercury back in retrograde I wrote about it for a dope magazine: What Mercury in retrograde means OPUS 

I’m alert man. I’m excited I’m fucking pumped. I know better. It’s clicking so well. I can show better. This is key. So watch me work. 

I got a show coming up later this month, you should check it out. Here was the recap of my last one #LustHearIt 3/24/16

Cop your tickets here, guaranteed a great time. #LustHearIt 9/22/16

Take initiative and follow the momentum or switch it up if you don’t like how it’s going.. Never forget you are in control. How you feel, how you move, how you think. You are in control. Act like it. 

This is what I remind myself when I get overwhelmed. Relax. 

Everything is working for you. You know it. Act accordingly. 

Bless up and stay sturdy. 



It’s late, or early depending on if you slept. 

It’s been a minute and I’ve even neglected my diary. Shame on me. 

I’ve been living though. That’s for sure. 

Moving and grooving.. Shit is real. 

Loving how I act accordingly regardless.

What I want to say is this: 



Don’t forget to think for yourself. 
I’m loving how well I’m catching the signs and running these plays. I wish I could say more, but I’ve said enough. 

June almost over.. The intermission we call summer no excuse to slack off, if anything it’s even more imperative that we go even harder. 
Shit real but y’all know that. 

I turned 25 on the 10th.. Here’s Quarter Century. Take a listen.