Shit real. 

The things I want for myself I want for others: happiness, successes, self-fulfillment, love all around, a genuine lust for life. 

I don’t care how you choose to acquire those qualities, as long as it sits right with you. Inner peace is priceless. There are many ways to get what you desire you don’t have to go the convential route, what works for others doesn’t always work for you and vice versa. 

You can use the outlines of those whom you admire their hustle and lifestyle, but the reason you admire it is because they love what they do. It’s right for them. So the happiness is a beam of joy that attracts admirers. You too want that joy, but you have to determine which lifestyle, which route is perfect for you, and that doesn’t exclude lifestyles and routes that seem taboo, you can’t limit yourself. 

I do not have my life together, but dammit I’m working on it. I’m content with who I am and am growing to be. I know what I want. I’m progressing and I got a lot of work to do. But I don’t feel right withholding information from people that I feel can progress them in some way. So I don’t. Even as I get my shit together I can pass on whatever I can. I don’t get into much detail, cause it’s really irrelevant, but the outline is enough for you to go searching for more within yourself. I don’t want to wait until after I get where I’m going, to be of any help. I want people to know, we’re on the same road. I don’t give a fuck what path on you’re on, this road of life is broad as shit and we’re all going somewhere. We’re all gonna hit road blocks, traffic and stop signs but we gotta keep going. 

It’s hard. We all tend to feel alone bc honestly, only we know how we truly feel deeply.. Even if there’s someone you tell EVERYTHING to, there’s things you feel you can’t word just yet.. So they don’t know. In those feelings you are truly alone with yourself. Life can become overwhelming but that shouldn’t get you down to the point where you give up. 

The overwhelming feeling is like having an orgasm, a full body mental, spiritual, physical orgasm. 

Think about it. You’re only sca(red) of the overwhelming feeling because you can’t control it and you don’t know where this feeling is going. 

You’re having a breakthrough. Ride it out. It’s for the clarity you so deeply desire. It’s amazing what happens when you listen to yourself, as a matter of fact. Reflect. Think of every time you were severely overwhelmed. Don’t think of what caused it, but the aftermath.. The explosion and the view once the dust settled. Did you move differently after? Did you find an answer or two? Were you paying attention? 

Are you paying attention now? 

Shit real. 



Attention is funny for me.. I’ve been showe(red) with affectionate attention my whole life and it has made me numb to the feeling attention brings.. I really don’t care for it. I look at my surroundings and I see how attention or lack thereof affects people.. And how this sometimes causes a crackhead like effect on some making them fiends for attention.

Attention is attention.. How it’s perceived, received, given varies.. Good or bad is subjective so I won’t even distinguish the two.
Attention is attention.

In today’s society the demand for attention is costly and at an all time high. The price paid goes beyond currency to fulfill the need for attention. People feel validated when they have attention, some are picky with who they receive attention from, some don’t care as long as the attention is there. The focus is on them and whoever is willing to do just that, wins. Morals are questioned, people are led on and hurt.. All in the name of attention.

It’s crazy to me because as a young woman, my generation of women are labeled needy.. And it’s in reference to attention.
“Women need attention therefore women will complain, develop hat(red) for men and say you’re the one to blame.” – Drake

The excessive need for attention has become tragic. Women are objectifying themselves and their values all in the name of attention. They don’t know why they feel this need to keep the spotlight on them… This is a problem. Not only for women, men are guilty of it too. There’s a deep rooted problem within each and everyone one who is addicted to attention. It may vary with person, but I feel not being happy with yourself is a big factor for most.

When you are overall content with who you are as a person, you don’t set “thirst traps”, you don’t jump to the spotlight when it’s not on you or throw shade on the light of others.. You tend to move very differently than someone who lives for attention. It shows.. And those who are consumed with attention rarely see it for themselves, they are so consumed with themselves and the attention they must keep. It’s pretty ironic, you would think since they’re so consumed with themselves they would notice, they would pick up on the fact that attention seeking is a decoy for something else.. But they’re consumed with their image, not who they are. They haven’t looked that deep, or maybe they have and were uncomfortable with what they found… Who knows.

Now let’s be real, attention does feel good depending on where and how, especially from who, but to feel like you MUST have it at all times is disturbing to me. There’s a time and a place for everything.. What disturbs me is some want all this attention, but for what? You got the attention, what now? Is this apart of your plan? Is there something other than your appearance that you want attention for? If so? What is it? I would love to know.

Attention can be very misleading.. It’s kinda like, laughing with you vs laughing at you. How would you even know the difference when all attention is good to you.. It never crosses your mind that you may be the joke.. Funny, people so often let others fuel them… Not inspire them, or motivate them.. But fuel them… Gas them up. The thing about gas, it’s toxic and it clouds your vision. Most are already blinded.. So attention seekers just go off as soon as their gas tank is filled and it doesn’t take much to gas them up anyway.

I just wonder about people as a whole, and where are we collectively fucking up as people that many of our own are so fucked up mentally that they truly believe high constant levels of public attention validates their existence.. Are we truly oblivious of how serious this is? Do we truly care? If so, why do we ignore it? The neglect ironically is what b(red) the attention seekers. Is this world meant to have the attention seekers or is this a cry for help? Yet we ignore the cries, wait to hear the word ‘help’ but how can you help those who aren’t aware they need it? How can we help and we don’t hear it, see it.. We allow these mirages to tell us, these people are confident in themselves, they’re okay.. when in reality they are the most broken… The image of confidence is perfectly placed to continue the flow of attention.. But you don’t see confidence, you feel it.

Attention doesn’t phase me, a lack of it doesn’t belittle me, an abundance of it doesn’t make me feel anymore important. The reason why, for me.. I’m complete. I know my worth and what I’m deserving of, I make myself feel good.. The only attention you should concern yourself with is the attention you give yourself. How you carry yourself, the way you move, how you think, feel, act should make you feel just as good as 100+ likes on Instagram (and how real it is that “likes” on a social media app really dictates confidence levels to some? Smh)

You just need to pay attention.. To you, your surroundings. It’s crucial.
Don’t let attention build you up just to break you down.