10 (grams) 

i turn 24 soon. 

I have a personal project I’m working on titled: Year of the Muse. 

Here’s 10 (grams) on soundcloud: 10 (grams)

1. 10 (grams)

Perfect 10. 
I was born on the 10th, perfect score. I was born to win. 
See I’m as cold as a steel 9 in a deep freezer, and after this revelation, doubters will become believers. 
Tan and raw like an 8 ball of perfecto powder, fuck sour. I’m louder. 
Lucky lefty, jackpot hitting lucky 7s, I was sent from heaven, but like the pastor on 7th, you’ll be second guessing. 
I’m sick. I’m an egg short of half a dozen, (that’s 6) like Kanye, on a rant omelette you finish, but I really got the best count down of all time, I’m fine.. My 5 senses all in tune, there4, (Thats4), being born in June, has allowed me to bloom and understand, 3 things: I’m divided in 2 and I’m really the one. 
The more I think about it, I’m really the 1. 
[A snippet of a recorded conversation of my grandmother and I]