The word for the day, the month, the rest of my life until I master it is .. DISCIPLINE.

I have horrible discipline. Okay maybe, I’m exaggerating just a bit but Ive battled with discipline for so long… I have it when I need it, but not where I need it most.. Which is annoying but, MY fault.

So I’m pushing and forcing myself to break out of that rebellious nature when it comes to discipline.

I’m too old to be this stubborn.

I have a great sense of self-control but I let myself slide with a lot that EYE know I shouldn’t let myself ease up on… But with experience comes wisdom no?

And wisdom is just applying experience to better your life no?

So I better get to applying.. Time certainly is ticking.

I don’t want to become the old dog who can’t learn new tricks..

There’s ideal habits and routines that I feel I need, I’ve been slowly working on integrating them into my life while shaking and breaking hazardous habits… All in due time.

I’m making progress, so I won’t belittle the process but my main thing is consistency. Maintaining that pattern to continuous betterment of me.

Shit real.