I feel so liberated. 

I got a lot out the way just in time for a new beginning. 🙂 

I feel so good and motivated. 

I feel like a lot of things are clicking, and I’m so happy to have been paying attention. The work load has not eased up but the strength to efficiently get it done is continuing to build and it’s amazing. 

There is no doubt. 

I have so much I want to say but as usual I refrain for I know you’ll see it for yourself soon enough and it’ll click way better than even if I could have worded it [& I’m pretty good with words ;)]. As long as you pay more attention to your life and the signs on your path as opposed to watching signs for others just to see what path they’re on.. Mind your business. 

You have things to tend to. Get on it. 

Since it’s Monday I would love to share this beautiful scripture, well to me anyway. Earl nightingale breaks down James Allen’s ‘As A Man Thinketh’ in a way that still resonates today and this was spoken of decades ago…. Which is both sad and tragic, and it’s only because we don’t share. So after listening to this [its an hour long] if you feel any different, share it to anyone who will listen. That’s all I ask, thank you. 

Earl Nightingale on As A Man Thinketh
Shit real.