Your body is directly correlated to your mind, the body is the servant to the mind.

Clean mind, clean body. 

If you want to be honest with what shape your mind is in, look at your body, examine your health.. How do you feel in your body? Are you comfortable? Disgusted? Proud? Ashamed? Think of your mindstate. 

I completely let myself go in college, I reached my heaviest, and I only noticed once I felt sluggish and by then it was too late.. I was big as shit (okay not so big but for my frame, yes I was huge). I was so consumed with exploring my mind I didn’t realize how neglectful I was to my body.. I was eating like crazy because exploring your mind is exhausting and you need all the fuel you can get, not to mention in college you’re not even eating healthy because who has time for that? Not I said my Garfield self. 

It was bad enough I would get so lost up in my mind that I was ignoring my body but having to carry that extra weight along with the mental weight I was dealing with left me exhausted, no matter how much sleep I got, it was never enough. But I wanted to change, I wanted to feel light, aerodynamic.. I wanted to have my body in the best shape to keep up with my mind, running marathons and barely losing my breath. I wanted to shed the sluggish feeling. I wanted to eat better, feel better overall. So I got to it, it was hard, shit it’s still hard but now 3 years later I’m way lighter and more agile.. I still haven’t caught up to my mind but I don’t stop practicing. 

Right now, I can see how better off I am I can feel it. I get ti(red), but I’m not exhausted.. I can quickly choose a healthy alternative when it comes to eating with no second guessing. I am able to endure more and my mind is a bit at ease. 

But I’m not done, there’s no stopping. You just stop for a second to get your second wind and reflect on how far you’ve come and how much you actually got done when you thought you weren’t doing much. It’s the little adjustments that make such big differences. 

I realized how important the mind:body connection is. And no matter how good one is, if the other isn’t reflective of that, it’s not right. It’s not real. We hide well, humans have a thing for that. So a person can look good (could be surgery) physically but mentally they aren’t attending to their mind like they do their body .. What good is your body if your mind: the director, the guide, isn’t able to properly function to help your body push you to your greatness. 

Same thing if it were the other way around. My mind was good, but it was only when I started taking better care of my body that my mind really started to shine, and I polish that because I know how important the mind is. And my body as its servant must be able to assist my mind in all aspects. 

It’s definitely not going to be easy.. But the desire to live better and be better makes it worth the journey.. 

You’re not going to be 100% successful starting out, but when you fall off the wagon, you dust yourself off and get back at it. The key is to not give up, be realistic with your goal and your current way of living. Explore all health options and customize a diet and exercise that fits YOU and your NEEDS. 

The amazing thing about perfecting your mind:body connection is the same thought process is applicable to life and your desires. But first you must have your mind:body in order or you’ll always fuck up and set yourself back. 

Think of times you didn’t get stuff done because of lack of energy or your body wasn’t as responsive as your mind so that delay set you back .. Or your body was responsive but your mind took a bit longer than usual to pick up on what was going on.. It happens, I’m sure it has happened, and it will continue to happen as long as our mind:body connection isn’t right.. Just think about it. If the thought alone drains you, I think you know what to do.

Shit real.