12:24am — Mr. Big Man

Merry Christmas eve! My gift is a little early. As we await the eBook release, I decided to share one of the poetic tales.

MR. Big MAN.

“Oh Mr. Big man… Ohhh Mister Big,Man…

Where are you? ..”

she sings on the phone, she hears him moan,
‘baby, I’m here…’
“no, I don’t see you, I can’t feel you.. Are you real Mr. Big Man?”

She taunts him, His blood begins to rush… Now he’s on his way, she knows what to say, to lead him wherever she lays… so she waits, Mr. Big man busy, doing big man things… but he always finds his way to make his baby sing.. those tunes he loves so much.

Such seduction oozes from her pores to his, when they’re in tangled, handling their business.. Oh Mr. thick dick, how fulfilling is he to Ms. wet pussy.. it’s an even exchange, no need for change. Cash it in, stocks are high… Their portfolio is so exciting.. What an alignment, they play each other’s consignment, money just buys them time.. And they spend it on each other every time, cause truth be told.. they don’t really have the time.

Mr. Big man doing his thing, Ms. Wonder woman creating new things..

So in these moments, it’s just them.

Fuck where they at, Fuck their phones… Fuck everything that isn’t them. They have a contract to fulfill, no thought of ever breaking it, fuck a prenup, or a license.. Their love was timeless, it’s obvious.

Those moments apart, out of sight out of mind? HA! Out of sight, flooding the mind, tickling the spine.. Pushing your memory to the point it could cry, but they have to live their lives… Can’t be constantly intertwined, how else will their love age like wine? The time apart, makes the union much more rare.. makes their presence much more there.

They each feel closer, they’re almost there..

Almost to the point of a full union, they’re both roses from concrete, almost to full blooming..

It’s useless, to deny what is right in front of our eyes…

“Mr. Big Man, Mr. Big Man… Oh I how missed you”, she mutters as she kisses his skin, caressing his limbs, this was the life for him.

He knew no one else could understand him like she did, care for him as she did… push him to the deep end, only to take him higher than before..

He was her Big Man, the only man she ado(red). What a score, he certainly hit the jackpot! And brewing in it was her endless love and passion, she was everything he could ever want, no need to ask him.

He wants nothing else than to have her long term, til death do us part? No. He wanted her beyond that…

He wants her in spirit, so she never has to question if Mr. Big Man leaving.

He breathes for her, she can hear it..

“Oh Mr. Big Man, let me let you in on a secret. This is the realest, deepest love I’ve ever known.. from your breaths, to your moans.. to full ownership from a loan.. I’m yours, take my soul when your body ditches yours.. wherever, whenever.. I want to thrive in the pleasure, of having you next to me, in the afterlife…”, she kisses him with such intensity, he can feel her words still lingering with power from her lips…

He stares deep into her eyes,

“Listen to me, You’re forever with me deep on the inside, your love will keep my spirit forever alive”..

Let me know how you’re feeling that, and check out LustyinLavender.com for a copy. 🙂

Shit real.


The Damsel Independent: the other role.

Now we’re all familiar with the term “damsel in distress” the young woman who sets traps where she puts herself in danger and awaits a hero to rescue her .. She portrays herself to be weak, and fragile in hopes of a strong man to save her.. Now this tactic works wonders because man as we all know, loves to be a savior. Man loves to protect and provide security. They jump at the chance to throw their cape on, save a young woman in her time of need … Distressed damsel pays off very well in most cases.

But to me playing distressed can leave you stressed. As a woman, we play weak too long, we become that. We don’t lift a finger, we lay there and eventually in awaiting our savior we lose use of our limbs … We become dependent on this savior. Any savior. It gets to the point where all we know is how to set traps to reel in potential saviors, but that’s not fool proof.

It’s like fishing in the same spot, you don’t know what you’re gonna catch, you gotta wait for what comes around… but you gotta catch something for survival.. Anything to live. And that’s where it becomes fucked up… Some men are actual saviors others, portray that to fuel their egos. I won’t get into that.

I want to speak of the other role, the role I know way too well.

The independent damsel: the other role. This is a woman who works for hers, she doesn’t use her energy or skills to set traps but to build her foundation, to set up her life to benefit her and everyone in it. This is a woman who is strong, or portrays to be strong, head held up even in times of distress, she doesn’t lay on tracks, she stays on track and keeps it moving, despite the obstacles put in her way.. She’ll move blocks instead of waiting for a hero to come.. Now the beauty in this role, even if the woman is pretending to be strong, eventually, she’ll become strong… She’ll become better instead of stagnant as would the distressed damsel. The independent damsel doesn’t stress nor dwell on what is going wrong, she pushes forward to get through it.
With or without man.

Man sees this and wants to be her savior, wants to ease her load.. Not because she needs it, but because she deserves it. Man sees this woman is a queen.. Not a leech. He sees her pushing forward and wants to help her progress, in helping her progress, so does he. He is motivated by her drive, a woman who will stop at nothing .. When many would stop at anything, pout and cry. But nope, this woman keeps her poker face even as her world crumbles, man sees this.. He realizes he needs this. She is a reflection of man. This is better than ego, this is destiny. This is how empires are built. This is how fate is revealed. Only real man can spot the independent damsel for who she is. The imposter of man would believe she is too strong to need a man, too focused to cater to a man.. Dismiss her for the damsel in distress, the one that caters to his weak ego. But the right man, the real man.. Knows this woman is thinking ahead, knowing she’s thinking of the future family she may not have yet.. Her purpose on earth. He can see this. He wants to feed this, feed her. Encourage her growth knowing without even trying she’s encouraging his.

I believe this role is the most beneficial of the two… It’s a harder role to play, but when it’s embedded in you, doesn’t seem so hard at all. It’s like second nature.. You don’t feel right playing damsel in distress, lord knows you tried. It’s not you. You’re independent without man, with man, you’re unstoppable. To have someone of your equal by your side. But you don’t need him to survive. You just need him to continue building, to continue expanding. On both ends.

In life we play roles, we become roles.. The people we attract from these roles we play, play a key factor in our progression or our demise.

You are what you attract.