Mother may I continue to prosper in all I pursue and encounter?

This has been a weird spring, weather wise.. Life wise, it’s been increasingly interesting as time continues to progress. The month of May should have some very nice things for me.. I deserve it, it’s proven in my efforts.

One more month til my 23rd birthday.

I got shit that’s in the works, but the work doesn’t stop… My drive increases with speed daily… It’s clearer and clarity is my soft spot. I love it with the intensity of a thousand suns… And speaking of clarity, I’m anticipating the clarity that’s approaching as the cloudy weather departs taking the clouded vision of certain situations of my life with them.

All I do is think and work for what I want, nothing else gets much thought. And if it does it somehow correlates to what I truly want. I am reminded so often to the point where I couldn’t forget even if I caught amnesia.. It’s that real.

I wish I could speak more, say what I truly want to share, in its entirety, but I know better. Show and prove more efficient than show and tell. My speaking of something will resonate deeply but not as deeply as it would if I show you, in showing you I can touch your soul with no hands, no speech requi(red). I just want the best for myself and every one around me, I know my drive influences those close to me or close enough to witness and that only fuels my drive to go harder, it brings me joy to see that in motivating myself, I motivate others. I don’t speak as much as one might assume, I show more than anything, if you’re paying attention.

And if there anything to take from what I say, it’s to pay attention.

Never any regret in paying attention. You learn. Whether good or bad, you grow through that knowledge and experience acqui(red) through paying attention.

Spring is about to go into full effect, summer is preheating.. Are you focused? Are you motivated, driven?

Most importantly are you ready?

Mother universe got plans for us all.. As the seasons shift the blessings (even those blessings disguised as tragedy) will be delive(red)… Pay close attention you don’t want to miss the ‘mailman’, you ultimately have to sign off on your blessings. Whether you accept it or not, your name is still on it. Act accordingly.

Shit real.