Word to the magazine, shit real.

Sept about to be over, damn. NYE right there….

Let me tell you how I feel about vibes, since I take it so seriously, I’ve been thinking…. As I’ve been feeling. I aim for understanding. Fuck what you heard, my only goal is to understand. Myself especially. Ever growing being. Gotta be on point.

As kids, we react off vibes with the interactions of others because we can’t speak.. We are very intuitive when we can’t speak because we are absorbing the energy being passed to us, or surrounding us… As means to understand what’s going on for real.

I feel so childish sometimes, as eloquent as I am, sometimes I can’t speak…. Or I don’t want to speak, and I don’t even know why in those moments.

Well how you don’t know why? Aren’t you in tune?

Yeah, that’s why, I know the feeling I’ve felt, but don’t know exactly why I’m feeling it THIS TIME AROUND… Until after it passes.

See I’m aware of time’s factor in vibes.. And well as every other variable. Things don’t happen the exact same way. Ever. Even if you get another crack at it, it will never be EXACTLY like the last time. You gotta keep that in mind.

Vibes tell you things that can’t be spoken …. After you absorb everything and its settled, then the words come to you as clear as shit. But in the moment of absorption, I feel its not wise to speak…. You’re still feeling. Wait. Let it sink in uninterrupted.

Your words send out vibrations that may throw off what’s happening at the moment and you fuck up the message the universe was trying to send to you.


Feel it out.

Right now, I’m going through some weird ass motion, I can’t speak too much because I’m absorbing. I’m only speaking out loud of what I want, not what I’m feeling or think I know because I don’t know shit… I’m learning.

And as I allow my inner being to guide me, I’m grateful for what I’m learning as I go along… Shit really be clicking.

Vibes don’t lie. People do.

Lies takes up too much time, I don’t have time for that…

You have to be honest with yourself, all your circumstances and relationships … Don’t lie to yourself about how you feel, and WHY you feel that way.

Ride the vibe and act accordingly.

Shit real.