i allow certain things to distract me, sometimes it’s my own mind that distracts me.. It’s so active and absorbent. It feels the need to spin and learn and that’s fine. But that fucks with my focus sometimes. 

You have a list of REAL priorities; what I need to do to get to where I need to be. And MENTAL priorites; what I feel I need to pay attention to. 

Now they both may correlate from time to time but with an over active mind, your mental priorites kinda get ahead of your real physical priorities. That’s a problem. 

Although it doesn’t appear to be so, mentally, you feel you’re doing something: you’re learning, applying and plotting. Good for you. But your real priorities aren’t progressing. You keep pushing it to the back burner cause you’re prepping yourself. You’re strengthening yourself in all ways. Yes goood for you. But you’re weak with your discipline. You will always have time to think, always time to learn, self progress. But your physical priorites the steps and actions needed to launch you where you need to be won’t become easier if you neglect them, like a child’s parent who works 24/7….. The parent has the child in mind but never physically gets around to raising the child to the point where all that hard work mentality was worth it in the end; the relationship between child and parent is broken and resentful, hella hard to fix (but possible). Both feel resentment for the right and wrong reasons. But time is still lost. 

Time is all we really have and organizing our priorites mental and physical so that they overlap each other is the only way to succeed, or so I believe. I feel we separate things when we should be combining them and we combine what we should keep separated. But the fact of the matter is, the mind is soooooooo powerful. That if you don’t take control you’ll be dealing with your mental priorites only and always falling behind what physically needs to be attended too. 

I say that to say this, we all need reminders. I’m not saying anything new. You know this. I know this. Do we acknowledge it? Not always. Do we know better? Of course. Yet we still fall vicitim to our own mind because we don’t have full control of how we use our energy. Mental energy is transitioned into physical energy. Energy you need to get shit done. To make nothing into something. But if you spend all your time in your mind, by the time you come back to real life, you’re ti(red). Trust I know the feeling. 

It must be a conscious DAILY effort to stay on track. 

Reminding yourself of your mental and physical priorites, reminding yourself of what needs to be done and how on this day, you will organize it and apply it for the entire day. Before going to sleep at the end of the day reflecting on your daily accomplishments, set backs and lessons.. Waking up ready to do it all over again, but tailoring your needs, mental and physical (can’t stress this enough) for the day ahead. Each day won’t be the same but our level of effort for personal progression must remain consistent. 

Just something to keep in mind, shit real. But I’m just rambling.