It’s late, or early depending on if you slept. 

It’s been a minute and I’ve even neglected my diary. Shame on me. 

I’ve been living though. That’s for sure. 

Moving and grooving.. Shit is real. 

Loving how I act accordingly regardless.

What I want to say is this: 



Don’t forget to think for yourself. 
I’m loving how well I’m catching the signs and running these plays. I wish I could say more, but I’ve said enough. 

June almost over.. The intermission we call summer no excuse to slack off, if anything it’s even more imperative that we go even harder. 
Shit real but y’all know that. 

I turned 25 on the 10th.. Here’s Quarter Century. Take a listen. 


Hateful 8….

8 days left of the year……..
Are you ready for the grand finale?

Side note: watch hateful 8 again.

Shit real motherfuckers!

While the holidays creep up on us, and this NYC weather is scarily warning us for the winter ahead… I want to reflect, per usual.

2015 was such a great year for me for many reasons….

I went through serious life expanding motions.

I took more risks.

I met creative deadlines.

I learned so much.

I grew through mistakes.

Its funny to me how in the moment I’m absorbing more than I’m observing my own actions… I really move on my feelings but I don’t move emotionally. I’m very methodic. Its evident in retrospect and this year has highlighted the methods behind the madness.

I gotten deeper in my feelings… Which is awesome. So fucking great to be understanding of what it is I deeply feel and using that knowledge pai(red) with logic to progress my self development.

In the next 8 days I have two projects I’ll be releasing. I’m very anxious about that being that I am so excited to share these two completely different vibes.



An erotic poetry collection poems/ poetic short tales surrounding the depths of time.

12/31/15 – 24 for 24: Year of the Muse


Short film highlighting my spoken word album about the muse behind it all. 

Check for those on

I consider 2015 to be my freshman year… I am in school again, but this time around, I’m a student at Life university with my craft as my major and a minor in humanity.

That being said, this is the final.
8 days I’ll get the grade…

My sophomore will be vicious, my freshman certainly wasn’t friendly…

I’m focused mannnnn 🙂

Shit real.

The Olympics games are now: your progress is preserved or wrecked in a single moment.

There’s no reason to fear anything let alone failure, way I see it… You can always make it right by doing something better.

Don’t sweat small shit when you know you’re destined for greatness.

As long as you don’t stop.


10 (grams) 

i turn 24 soon. 

I have a personal project I’m working on titled: Year of the Muse. 

Here’s 10 (grams) on soundcloud: 10 (grams)

1. 10 (grams)

Perfect 10. 
I was born on the 10th, perfect score. I was born to win. 
See I’m as cold as a steel 9 in a deep freezer, and after this revelation, doubters will become believers. 
Tan and raw like an 8 ball of perfecto powder, fuck sour. I’m louder. 
Lucky lefty, jackpot hitting lucky 7s, I was sent from heaven, but like the pastor on 7th, you’ll be second guessing. 
I’m sick. I’m an egg short of half a dozen, (that’s 6) like Kanye, on a rant omelette you finish, but I really got the best count down of all time, I’m fine.. My 5 senses all in tune, there4, (Thats4), being born in June, has allowed me to bloom and understand, 3 things: I’m divided in 2 and I’m really the one. 
The more I think about it, I’m really the 1. 
[A snippet of a recorded conversation of my grandmother and I]



The Real. 

We’re already in May. 

This past Sunday I had an unveiling for my book (official release date: 5/15/15) with my family and friends in attendance. It was amazing, terrifying and electrifying all at once. 

I never performed for all my friends and family. They loved it. 

Now the event itself had a few minor difficulties which forced me to pretty much wing it but the love felt in that room kept me calm, that was truly a first time for me. Everything about that event was surreal to me. 

I had a science segment on lust, pop quiz after.. Gave the winners these cute ass jars one of my best friends made for the occasion, we did a raffle basket, my aunt cate(red) .. the audience was so into the readings and I could tell they were feeling it. I was so high of that energy it’s just now wearing off. It’s Tuesday. 

What a great learning experience, I had the greatest help, I needed that cause I’m so hard on myself. Even now as great of an experience that was. I am now analyzing my errors and looking for ways to improve for next time, cause there’s going to be plenty of next times..  

When I’m asked, how are you going to make poetry a business? My answer is the experience sells itself.. 

Poetry provides a feeling, poetry is like time traveling. You just have to indulge in it. I seem to be good at intriguing people to do so. 

The biggest realization I feel for me, is just the resonating feeling that this is it. This is what I’m supposed to be doing.. Exactly how I’m doing it. 

The beginning of it all. 

Shit real. 

Shit real.