Shit just gets realer.

My sincerest apologies, my god it has been so long.. I can’t even begin to express how many nights I’ve thought of posting only to distract myself with sleep or something. Shit getting realer, I hope this finds you when you need it most.

I’ve been growing and life has certainly brought about blessings in challenges I would not have envisioned in a million years. Yet here I am stronger than ever, as I allow my new candle to burn I knew it was time to come here. I missed you WordPress family. Shit is real, you knew that though.

I had a revelation this evening/morning. My focus is very clear. It wasn’t foggy per say yet it was misty at most. I am now in my third trimester baring my first child, and as I type this I am overwhelmed with joy knowing the journey this has been. I’ve created life with many projects, never an experience like this. This is a beautiful phase in my life, it has not been the easiest, yet it’s worth every moment. I am valuing the time, the lessons and the evolution that’s taking place within and around me. I’m never one to get too personal, at least not yet. Just know I’m in a great space and it’s elevating me to the greatest realm I could ever ask for. It’s wild to me though… how we ask for things and never think of how we will actually receive them; we envision how we would like to obtain what we desire, yet we limit our vision from the limitless possibilities the universe has in store for us. The reality is always much rawer and better than the fantasy, our fantasy serves our present state, the universe serves us for our highest good. Regardless of how long it takes us to accept it, it’s truly better when we let go of resistance and follow the desire to fruition with no limitation. It’s hard for the ego to accept this, yet the spirit is so satisfied. We must never deny this, the ego doesn’t know shit, it is a shield we use when we want to resist the natural order of things. Do you want to remain in your happy state? Or do you want to prove your ego right? Your ego can see but so far, your spirit, however, knows no boundaries. The infinite joy can be manifested in so many ways.

We can cry and pout about how our vision isn’t exactly what was given, for what? We got what we asked for in the best way to not only satisfy the spirit but to help us grow to another level as well. We don’t ever stop wanting, we can’t ever stop growing. There is no country for the stagnant. Not where I’m from. You can give in to your lower ego self and allow petty distractions to slow you up and keep you at a standstill, or you can rise up to the occasion, own it and grow through every experience regardless of how it’s perceived by you or anyone else. Life is so beautiful.

I’m back, I was resistant to the many changes I’m experiencing, not in a negative way rather a stubborn way, this is new to me. As much as I love and embrace change, I never felt this to the degree I’m experiencing now. It’s many things, and it’s everything. I am in control and I have let it go. That was my resistance. Wanting to control how I adjust, when in reality I just had to put more of that energy into trusting this process. I’ve battled with trust issues on different levels throughout life, thus my need for control and with projects it’s easy to be in control, I am the creator. However, there’s a level of creativity that requires no control, allowing God and the universe to handle what you don’t need to… despite your urge to want to, using that as an excuse to determine your role as creator. Shit really get realer, and as my baby girl kicks as rapidly as I’m typing this, I’m so blessed. I am aware. I have not fallen victim to my circumstances and ego. I have risen and continue to rise above this and it feels great, I am so ready to continue this journey as I am to express and push all that I love and have within me.

I really must force sleep now, a long productive day awaits, already I’ve gotten so much done. I’m happy to be back. I will be posting more. So many topics I want to discuss. Just remember, progress is perfect, keep moving stay sturdy and keep calm. It’s all in your favor.


Shit real. 

The things I want for myself I want for others: happiness, successes, self-fulfillment, love all around, a genuine lust for life. 

I don’t care how you choose to acquire those qualities, as long as it sits right with you. Inner peace is priceless. There are many ways to get what you desire you don’t have to go the convential route, what works for others doesn’t always work for you and vice versa. 

You can use the outlines of those whom you admire their hustle and lifestyle, but the reason you admire it is because they love what they do. It’s right for them. So the happiness is a beam of joy that attracts admirers. You too want that joy, but you have to determine which lifestyle, which route is perfect for you, and that doesn’t exclude lifestyles and routes that seem taboo, you can’t limit yourself. 

I do not have my life together, but dammit I’m working on it. I’m content with who I am and am growing to be. I know what I want. I’m progressing and I got a lot of work to do. But I don’t feel right withholding information from people that I feel can progress them in some way. So I don’t. Even as I get my shit together I can pass on whatever I can. I don’t get into much detail, cause it’s really irrelevant, but the outline is enough for you to go searching for more within yourself. I don’t want to wait until after I get where I’m going, to be of any help. I want people to know, we’re on the same road. I don’t give a fuck what path on you’re on, this road of life is broad as shit and we’re all going somewhere. We’re all gonna hit road blocks, traffic and stop signs but we gotta keep going. 

It’s hard. We all tend to feel alone bc honestly, only we know how we truly feel deeply.. Even if there’s someone you tell EVERYTHING to, there’s things you feel you can’t word just yet.. So they don’t know. In those feelings you are truly alone with yourself. Life can become overwhelming but that shouldn’t get you down to the point where you give up. 

The overwhelming feeling is like having an orgasm, a full body mental, spiritual, physical orgasm. 

Think about it. You’re only sca(red) of the overwhelming feeling because you can’t control it and you don’t know where this feeling is going. 

You’re having a breakthrough. Ride it out. It’s for the clarity you so deeply desire. It’s amazing what happens when you listen to yourself, as a matter of fact. Reflect. Think of every time you were severely overwhelmed. Don’t think of what caused it, but the aftermath.. The explosion and the view once the dust settled. Did you move differently after? Did you find an answer or two? Were you paying attention? 

Are you paying attention now? 

Shit real. 


October 1st.

It’s the first of the month y’all!

Three months left of 2014.

What will you accomplish? What will you start?

I made my list. And over grind turns into over time.

Key word of the month: Focus.

Let’s focus on something and stick through it to the point of fruition.

If there’s any time to begin or finish, it’s NOW.

Let’s finish out strong.

I’m pushing positivity and progression further and harder than before.

Today I begin a negativity fast and a gratitude feast, feel free to join me and all the others on this progressive journey. Whatever it is that motivates you, let that be the fuel.

Here’s all you need to know:

Happy October!

May this month, the rest of this year and the rest of your life be filled with positivity and prosperity. 🙂