Its the first of the month yallll!
A full 30 days this month.
How you gonna act?

…… We got three months left of the year. Fourth quarter is here.

So here’s the plan.
Focus on a goal for the month. ONLY.
Clear your mind.
Remove distractions.
Remember to remember.

My problem, I have too many things I feel I have to focus on … And that’s not realistic right now. So I’m picking one clear goal for this month and attacking all the way through. Now, my approach may differ from yours as even our goals may vary … But that doesn’t matter, what matters is we remain focused, resilient, and consistent with our effort, on a daily basis. Set reminders, vision boards, calendar list, whatever the fuck you need to be reminded of what it is you’re after, for some reason… It’s easy to forget, get side tracked. Go extra hard to stay on track.

Alot can happen in 30 days.

I want what you want for yourself as bad as what I want for me. And its badddddd.

So…. Let’s get this show on the fucking road. Shit real. Don’t act like you forgot.
Who call the shots?

Shot clock ticking. 
Don’t wait until the end of the year to look at the scoreboard.

Do what you gotta do to remind yourself, nobody built like you… You designed yourself.

Your life. Your choice.

Shit just get realer.