Civilized Savage.

Sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s me.

I’m civilized, I tamed my savage to be able to function in this society. I suppose that’s next level savage, being that I didn’t kill my savage.. I still feed it. And it’s a challenge, as I become older I realize my savage wants to be free. My savage wants to play, wants to roam with no restrictions, but I must tread carefully… I can’t release the beast all too soon, I haven’t seen anything like this anywhere from anyone, for that alone I must release my savage in doses until I’m free. Free to be the wild semi domesticated beast I am.

I’m dangerous, I’m aware of this but thankfully it’s in the best way because I have no evil intent, no malicious nature in which my savage can cause intentional harm. I feel blessed, but also cursed I had to restrict myself for so long…. But time’s revealing it was all for the best.

I know that savage isn’t only the negative context we were taught. I see the light in the savage, the positive attributes you contain within your savage nature.

Now that I look up I see, it is time.

I took the lock off the cage… In a matter of seconds, I’ll be free.
Out of the cage, the savage will be free.

I feel amazing.

Shit real.