Woman Today.

Sometimes I like to go on SaintandtheSinner and reflect on my growth.. I missed one entry (women today) to a series I’m actually quite fond of: IMAGES OF WOMEN

I decided to finish it off but title it WOMAN today.. We are individuals and we don’t have to always be banded together to feel strength… We should feel even stronger united… Adding to that feeling. I’m all for woman empowerment, I believe in women. Period. Regardless of my aggression, I know all woman can be and I won’t tolerate ignorance on my watch. If you knew better you’d do better… If you can reach one, teach one. Hello. Pass it on.

Here’s my problem. Women do not like the idea of being alone ….. For the most part. Its embedded since young that our purpose is to serve man, without man we shall live a dreadful life.. Right?

But why are you sca(red) to be by yourself? …. Because if life = man and I have no man… Wo-man = wo…worthless. That’s the math we’ve been getting fed no?

As a woman, don’t you enjoy your own company? How long can you actually sit somewhere alone and not be in your phone? .. Are you ever willingly going places alone, not because none of your friends would go with you? Did you have fun? Have you ever had fun or got something accomplished on your own?

And how as someone who knows themselves and are the key factor in who they are, not like themselves? And if you don’t like yourself … How can someone else really like you? .. How can that even be real, if its not sitting right with you?… Just think on that.

Anywho before I lose track of thought… Woman today are too dependent in all the wrong ways… Idc who is to blame, I want to make a change.. Inspire growth and self accountability within woman .. Knowing that her choices are deeply hers and she’s going to stand by that with her head high…

I don’t know shit but my observations, I observe and absorb ALOT.. What I’ve gathe(red) and feel deeply:
WOMAN runs the world.

Woman don’t know that.

Woman too busy trying to compete with man as means of validating self worth.

Real Woman competes with no man nor woman. She competes with herself.

As a woman, I can honestly say there is too much power being tossed and wasted. Using time as if we can buy it, but we can’t save it for shit.

First woman must understand the power is WITHIN. Not your physical, not material, nothing that can be fabricated. Our power lies with IN.. INSIDE YOU.

woman knows everything about everything except herself … She leaves herself last.. When in reality she was built to be first.

Real Woman knows the important of self education and that never ending journey… Only with this power can you excel at being the best woman you can be.¬†

This topic is so iffy, many women will read it, and panic at the idea of ‘no man’ let alone, seeing the word ALONE.. As if I’m saying this is a forever thing, mad fucking dramatic. I’m not even saying you shouldn’t have a man, by all means find a real fucking king, breed and expand that empire. Seriously, this is my deepest wish for everyone. But what I am saying is you as a woman should live a life for yourself first and foremost.

Too many women latch on to relationships in all forms as a means to feel validated. When a relationship should never validate your existence. Idgaf. Lover. Family. Friend. Employer. Material. Etc. 

You should feel validated because you know who you are.

How does someone else’s existence make you feel better than you do yourself?…. I would love to understand that concept.

Woman will build a man up even if it breaks them down in the process.

Too many women lose themselves building up a man, they say its love, but I’m not fooled, you need that validation. No self validated woman is going to allow herself to be broken, in the name of love… Love allows you to bend.. Not break.

*Resiliency is a trait of natural woman.

Woman today has so much power within, and within reach…. But you must train yourself how to receive and handle that power accordingly. However you see fit is fine, as long as that is YOU
Play your part, play it smart.

Too many deceivers in woman today.


Being yourself will access powers no one else on this earth can get. We are all different and unique. The sooner we realize our purpose, the sooner we can stop pretending for everyone’s approval.

Women today think make up, surgery, and clothes… Can hide the soul. It doesn’t. You can think your¬†condescending attitude is a sign of confidence. You can think everyone is deeply jealous of your fabulous social media posted life. You can have the entire world fooled….. But when you’re all alone even if its for a second to use the bathroom..
You can’t fool yourself.

Shit real.