Free thoughts

I’m attentive … I’m calm.
But I’m drained.

I’m ti(red) of containing myself …
I have to do so while I lay down my foundation and create the balance I so deeply yearn…
But its tiring.

I’m ti(red) of having to be closed and distant, contained and restrained. So what this tells me… I must move quicker. I must become stronger to utilize my energy and all I have to do and still be able to feel free at all times.

Shit is real.

October is slipping by.

Keep focus.

Keep going.

Get your rest and do what you gotta do.
Despite this petty nuisance, I am in a good space.. Creating a better space

I’m learning, I’m grateful and for the most part … I am at peace. Thankfully.

I have too much up my sleeve for release … Gotta keep an eye on the clock.

Its only a matter of time…. All in due time.


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