Word to the magazine, shit real.

Sept about to be over, damn. NYE right there….

Let me tell you how I feel about vibes, since I take it so seriously, I’ve been thinking…. As I’ve been feeling. I aim for understanding. Fuck what you heard, my only goal is to understand. Myself especially. Ever growing being. Gotta be on point.

As kids, we react off vibes with the interactions of others because we can’t speak.. We are very intuitive when we can’t speak because we are absorbing the energy being passed to us, or surrounding us… As means to understand what’s going on for real.

I feel so childish sometimes, as eloquent as I am, sometimes I can’t speak…. Or I don’t want to speak, and I don’t even know why in those moments.

Well how you don’t know why? Aren’t you in tune?

Yeah, that’s why, I know the feeling I’ve felt, but don’t know exactly why I’m feeling it THIS TIME AROUND… Until after it passes.

See I’m aware of time’s factor in vibes.. And well as every other variable. Things don’t happen the exact same way. Ever. Even if you get another crack at it, it will never be EXACTLY like the last time. You gotta keep that in mind.

Vibes tell you things that can’t be spoken …. After you absorb everything and its settled, then the words come to you as clear as shit. But in the moment of absorption, I feel its not wise to speak…. You’re still feeling. Wait. Let it sink in uninterrupted.

Your words send out vibrations that may throw off what’s happening at the moment and you fuck up the message the universe was trying to send to you.


Feel it out.

Right now, I’m going through some weird ass motion, I can’t speak too much because I’m absorbing. I’m only speaking out loud of what I want, not what I’m feeling or think I know because I don’t know shit… I’m learning.

And as I allow my inner being to guide me, I’m grateful for what I’m learning as I go along… Shit really be clicking.

Vibes don’t lie. People do.

Lies takes up too much time, I don’t have time for that…

You have to be honest with yourself, all your circumstances and relationships … Don’t lie to yourself about how you feel, and WHY you feel that way.

Ride the vibe and act accordingly.

Shit real.


Saving, myself.

You can do everything for everyone but what can you do for yourself?

Can you save yourself?

Do you know when you need saving?

Are you aware of your needs that are missing?

Shit real.

I know I’m not crazy, I sometimes feel I am though… But I know I’m not.

What I do know is when I do feel crazy, shit gotta change immediately. To me crazy is doing anything, that over a period of time hasn’t progressed, and still want to go along with it.. That’s crazy to me.

I’m all for growth and moving forward, but stagnancy with people & things that don’t mentally push me forward, at least have to be at a minimum in my life… Until I can finally get it to zero… And I’m well on my way towards that.



Do you think you can have it all ?

Yes? ….. No? …. Unsure?

Why? .. Think deeply.

I feel those who believe you can’t have it all, have nothing.

By nothing I mean nothing to offer the world.

You think of how life works, and the proof is truly in the put in … What you’re willing to put in, determines what, and most importantly how much you get.

Think of a goal, know its achievable based on …let’s say, it has been done before … If you think YOU can’t attain that goal, its because you aren’t willing to do what it takes to make that goal a reality. Let’s be real.

So if you already have that type of mentality imagine you trying to achieve and create your dream life, which has not been done before.


I know I have something, a lot of this something, because although I have what I feel is nothing externally, materially etc .. I know I can have it all.
I know I can create the life I want to live, the life I’m meant to live. I have a lot to give…

You think of your reach, and how peopleĀ  fuck with your vibe, you make them feel good and not in a vanity manner either, but just a good energy to feed off of… You give them something to believe in. You are the truth: pure. Its felt deeper than any vocal acknowledgement. Although vocally, you’re reminded… In present time, its always felt. You have something.

Shit is real.

For most people, I’ve realized doubt of themselves stop them more often than not.. And in that doubt disguised as not being a believer in the dream, I can see that you just don’t believe you’ll get it done….. Deep down you know it takes work.


So what you wanna do?

Better yet, what are you going to do?

You want it all?

If not all, do you at least want something?



Its the first of the month yallll!
A full 30 days this month.
How you gonna act?

…… We got three months left of the year. Fourth quarter is here.

So here’s the plan.
Focus on a goal for the month. ONLY.
Clear your mind.
Remove distractions.
Remember to remember.

My problem, I have too many things I feel I have to focus on … And that’s not realistic right now. So I’m picking one clear goal for this month and attacking all the way through. Now, my approach may differ from yours as even our goals may vary … But that doesn’t matter, what matters is we remain focused, resilient, and consistent with our effort, on a daily basis. Set reminders, vision boards, calendar list, whatever the fuck you need to be reminded of what it is you’re after, for some reason… It’s easy to forget, get side tracked. Go extra hard to stay on track.

Alot can happen in 30 days.

I want what you want for yourself as bad as what I want for me. And its badddddd.

So…. Let’s get this show on the fucking road. Shit real. Don’t act like you forgot.
Who call the shots?

Shot clock ticking. 
Don’t wait until the end of the year to look at the scoreboard.

Do what you gotta do to remind yourself, nobody built like you… You designed yourself.

Your life. Your choice.

Shit just get realer.